Bucket List.

I am definitely a listy person (if that’s even a word). Nothing gives me a bigger feeling of accomplishment than being able to tick something off on a list. I always have at least one list of things I need to do on the go at once. Right now, I have a list as long as my arm of things I need to do but keep putting off like finding a new apartment and making a start on my uni reading list but instead of doing them like I actually should, I’ve decided to update my bucket list.

I’ve had so many different bucket lists over the years but I always seem to misplace them. Luckily, I found one that I made at the start of my final year at high school, almost five years ago, on an old laptop of mine so I thought I’d update it and post it onto here so I can actually know where to find it in the future..

☐Pass my driving test

☐Swim with dolphins in the Bahamas

☐Do a road trip across America

☐Fly business class

☑Prove doubters wrong

☐Go to the Grand Canyon

☐Visit Sydney

☑Visit Barcelona

☐Do an all-nighter in Las Vegas

☐Have a camp fire on a beach

☑Have breakfast in Harrods, London

☐Graduate from university

☐Rollerblade down Venice Beach

☑Catch a last minute flight to a random destination

☐Go to Coachella

☐Swim under a waterfall

☑Climb the Eiffel Tower (twice)

☐Swim in an infinity pool

☐Go to Bora Bora

☑Ride a segway

☐Go to Atlantis The Palm, Dubai or Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas

☑Watch the sunset

☐Ice skate in New York

☐See the Great Barrier Reef

☑Go to a haunted house (living in one counts, right?)

☐Get married

☐Visit Cancun

☐Ride in a private jet

☑Ride in a private yacht

☐See the pyramids in Egypt

☑Sleep on a trampoline

☑Send a message in a bottle

☑Start a blog

☐Jump off the plane at LAX with my dream and a cardigan

☐Have a sprog

☑Visit Paris

☑Visit New York City

☐Work at Disneyworld, Florida

☐Crash a wedding

☑Go scuba diving

☐Go to every Disney park in the world

☐Get a tattoo

☑Move out on my own

☐Live in a different country for longer than six months


☑Live in London

☑Visit Normandy

☐Kiss in the rain

☑Find a true best friend

☐Watch the ball drop in Times Square

☐Go to a drive-in movie

☑Go to a boat party

☑Meet a celebrity

☑Sing karaoke in the early hours of the morning

☐Visit San Diego

☑Hit a hole-in-one

☐Be proposed to in Disneyland (a girl can dream, ok?)

☑Tell someone I love them and mean it

☐Experience 4th July in America

☐Do a colour run

☑Go to a music festival

☑Drink champagne

☐Visit Miami

☐Drive down Route 66

☐Jump off a cliff into the ocean (maybe do this once I’ve finished the other 99 things in case I die..)

☑Stay at a five-star hotel

☐Attend a concert at Madison Square Gardens

☐Go to an Ice Bar

☑Learn how to play golf

☐Go whale watching

☐Do yoga for at least a month

☐Get my own puppy

☑Go to Venice

☑Ride in a helicopter

☑Write a letter to myself to open in ten years

☐Go to Auschwitz

☐Ride a cable car in San Francisco

☑Do a slip-and-slide

☑Attend a concert at The O2 Arena, London

☑Sleep under the stars with friends

☑Create a family tree

☑Take my mum to New York

☐Hire jet skis

☑Try pole dancing (and fail at it)

☐Go to the Niagara Falls

☑Visit the Louvre

☑Cure my fear of Tower of Terror (AFTER TEN YEARS, I DID IT!)

☐Have a spa day

☑Have a Harry Potter marathon with my friends

☑Try Butterbeer

☐Watch a baseball game at the Dodgers Stadium

☑Be on a tv show (mom, I’m famous)

☐Visit San Francisco

☐Visit Los Angeles

☑Have a picnic in Central Park, New York

☐Visit 50 countries by 50 years of age

☐Try an entire week without any form of social media

☑Get a conventional sleeping pattern

☑Become more confident

☐Be completely and totally content (working on it..)

I probably won’t be able to complete every single thing on this list, but I’m gonna try at least to do as many as I possibly can. Life should be lived, not just survived and bucket lists are the perfect way to make sure you make dreams into realities, hit goals and have adventures.

I could probably cheat and add things to my bucket list that I’ve already done but there’s no fun in that, hehe!


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