There is approximately 108 days until I can class myself as a graduate (not that I’m counting or anything..) and I am so ready to get on with the next chapter of my life with a law degree to my name.

But I am going to miss the student life so much! When I graduate, I can no longer pull the ‘student’ card when I wake up at three in the afternoon, have cereal for dinner and stay up all night watching ‘Orange Is The New Black’ back-to-back when the latest season is released on Netflix. When I graduate, I can no longer use student discount.. No more 50% off Dominos. No more 15% off at Apple. No more student discount at all. When I graduate, I won’t be able to stumble home at 3am and turn up at university at 9am for a lecture, still steaming. When I graduate, I won’t be able to have a mid-afternoon nap when I realise my workload is getting too much for me to handle. I don’t know how I’m going to manage..

But then again, I guess there are a few good sides to being a graduate. The graduation ceremony. Getting a nice dress, wearing the robe and mortar board, feeling accomplished that you got through a degree that took everything out of you. The memories. I haven’t even left university yet and I look back on the memories from first and second year and feel so happy that I got to experience so many different adventures with so many amazing people – God knows what I’ll be like when I have third year memories to look back on too. The title. So technically, when I graduate, I can put ‘LLB’ at the end of my name since that’s what degree I will have graduated with.. (I won’t because it’ll make me look like a right pretentious dick but having the option there is always nice). Freedom. Seventeen years I’ve been in education and watching all my friends not go to college or not go onto university made me so envious as they were able to get a real world job and live life their way. Now it’s my turn!

It is pretty scary though. All this freedom. I first started school, aged four, like everybody else in England and I’ve gone throughout primary school, high school, college and now university without so much as a gap year in between the transitions so all I really know is having decisions made for me. I mean, I’ve always wanted to go to university and study for a degree and so I’ve just had to go with the flow and go through the entire education process to get there and now I’ve got there, I have no idea what to do next. All I know is I want money (I’m talking filthy rich), happiness and to travel. But how I get that is beyond me. I need somebody to be assigned to making life changing decisions for me – because that’s what makes it scarier than anything for me.. Whatever I decide now isn’t just going to impact the next couple of years, it’s gonna sketch out the rest of my life and I honestly do not know if I can handle that sort of responsibility, ever – let alone right now.


Why is being an adult so scary?!


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