Office Tour.

Spring has sprung.. sorta, so I decided that it was the perfect time to get my Linda Barker on. (For all you non-90s babies, she was a famous interior designer who hosted ‘Changing Room’ – the late 1990s/early 2000s equivalent of ’60 Minute Make Over’). And the first room that fell victim to my decorating bug was the office/study/whatever you wanna call the room where the computer is on a desk and you spend hours procrastinating when you should be studying – or at least that’s what I use it for.

Since I have moved back to Yorkshire pretty much permanently now (apart from going back to London for the odd revision lecture at uni and work), I decided I wanted to ‘cuteify’ the room where I’d be spending 99% of my time enduring my final few weeks of uni work and finishing off my dissertation. There is literally nothing worse than having to study in a setting that makes you feel icky and doesn’t inspire you at all, such as the campus library, so I wanted to make it into a homely, cosy setting that would hopefully motivate me into doing my work. And that is exactly what I did!

It took just over a week to move everything out of it as my family had pretty much made it into a storage come dumping room for junk whilst I lived in London and turn it into a room that I really, really love and don’t mind spending time in.

To start with, I looked online for inspiration of how I wanted the room to look. And as you’ll be able to tell from the final result, I looked at Tumblr. That is one thing I love about Tumblr – it’s full of photos that gives you insane house envy. It’s like the online version of IKEA showrooms.

“That’s gonna be my lounge.”

“That’s gonna be my kitchen.”

“Wait, that’ll be the lounge.”

“No, that’ll be my lounge.”

“Screw it, I’ll have three lounges.”

“Four lounges.”

“And two kitchens.”

“And seventy-six bathrooms.”

“And six gardens.”

So grab some popcorn, sit back, relax and enjoy a little bit of room porn. (I am in no way a photographer so don’t expect Tate Gallery worthy photos.)


This is the overall view the second you walk in through the door. There’s a desk, a set of drawers (yeah, I still need to get another nob for the drawers that has mysteriously disappeared) and a shelf. It’s pretty basic furniture wise.


So I have a desk that was already built into the room when we bought the house a few years ago and it was a boring wooden colour that had been scratched and scraped at over the years so I thought I’d spruce it up a bit with painting it a boring white colour. But it freshened it up and made the desk appear bigger than it actually is. And centre stage of the desk is my beloved Mac – Mickey. Yeah, I have a tendency to name my gadgets. I’m cool weird like that. Then I just have my pastel pink (obviously) desk lamp that is perfect for when I’m studying at night – which is pretty much every night – and a ceramic pen pot filled with all my favourite pens! I also have my favourite hand cream, Vaseline Intensive Care, to the side as I find it’s always good to take a few seconds regularly to moisturise my hands, giving me a tiny break to reflect on what I’ve just studied – plus my hands are super soft at the end of a long day of studying so it’s a win-win situation.


I also decided to treat myself to a new journal for the new office in an attempt to keep my life organised and help me keep a track of what work I have done and what I still need to do. Whether it’s gonna work is another matter but I thought I’d give it a go.


Above the desk there is a pretty big shelf that I’ve just used for display as all my textbooks are currently chilling in a box until I can be bothered to sort out my bookshelf in the hallway. I’ve decided to not keep my textbooks on the desk as it’ll give me a little break and a bit of exercise trekking the thirty steps from my desk to the book shelf and back again. Plus, it means the office isn’t cluttered and I love the minimalistic look. I’ve used a set of fairy lights, my favourite flower and vase and a couple of photographs to decorate the space. I also put a notebook and a reading book there, just in case I do start to procrastinate and don’t want to sit watching Netflix – like that’s gonna happen..

And finally, my pride and joy.


My Cinderella’s Castle canvases!

Last summer I got pretty bored and ended up making a two canvas sets – both Disney orientated – for my flat in London and these were one of them. I’d wanted something like this for absolutely ages and looked online but nowhere sold anything like this and anything I did find I didn’t really love. So out came the paint brushes, sponges and the creative cap and I made this beauty. I guess the last 12 months have proved to myself that I am pretty arty-farty when it comes to painting, but I’m not gonna quit the day job just yet..

So that’s my office and hopefully it’ll make me get my act together and knuckle down for the last 86 days of university. I’ve also redone my bedroom, which I’ll be posting on here too as I’m so proud of it and want to try stay on top of my blogging game!


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