Spring Favourites.

I did a Winters Favourites back in March and since England’s summer seems to have came and gone, I thought it was time to do a Spring Favourites!

Make Up

After finishing work at the start of May and moving back home to York to focus on revision, I’ve found that I’m rarely wearing make up. In London I wouldn’t dare leave the flat without make up on yet at home, I’m always popping into town looking like I’m suffering from a hangover from hell. And because of this, I haven’t got many favourites that are make-up related, but I still have some!

MAC Morange

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of going make-up shopping with me, you’ll have probably had to endure my rant on Estee Lauder’s Kendall Jenner limited edition ‘Restless’  selling out in the UK and not being available for UK shipping anywhere I look. If you do know of somewhere that does stock it and ships to England, please let me know! ‘Restless’ is such a gorgeous reddy-orange matte shade and I’ve wanted it for so long. It’s that sort of colour that you know will look amazing in summer, in winter, during the day, at night, shopping, in a club or dancing along to Freddie Mercury whilst doing the hoovering. It’s the ultimate colour if you’re like me and have a bit of a natural tan all year round. So then I went looking for a dupe and found on a website that suggested MAC’s Morange. At first, I was a little dubious with it showing as more orange-based than red-based on the website but I reluctantly ordered it. When it arrived, I did a swatch but didn’t think much to it so off it went into my lipstick drawer and I forgot about it. That was until a few weeks ago when I was getting ready for a night out and wanted to do something different than my usual dark smokey eyes and matte nude lip combo. I gave Morange a go and fell in love within seconds. Since I’ve never tried Estee Lauder’s Restless, I can’t say whether it is a good dupe or not, but taking MAC’s Morange as an individual lipstick all together, it is such a gorgeous tone and is everything I was hoping Restless would be.

MAC Matte Lipsticks

So the current lip trend, thanks to the likes of Kylie Jenner, is a matte lip and I am all over the matte lip like a rash. But there is one thing I just can’t understand and that is matte liquid lipsticks. I am yet to find one that doesn’t make my lips feel drier than the Sahara desert when it is on. Every brand I’ve tried always seems to dry my lips out, makes my lips feel tight and uncomfortable and the finished look ends up cracking and being a nightmare to wash off. So I’ve ditched the liquid lipsticks and fallen in love with MAC’s matte lipstick range instead. For £15.50 each, they have most shades any girl could want, they don’t dry your lips out and instead make them feel moisturised, and leave you with the perfect finish to every make up look.


Of the matte range, I have (left to right) Relentlessly Red, Pink Plaid, Morange, Honey Love, Velvet Teddy and Sin, but Velvet Teddy and Morange are my favourites.

Makeup Revolution highlighter

Back in March, I did a shopping haul and featured the vivid baked highlighter in ‘peach light’. Within two days of buying it, it had already overtaken my Chanel highlighter with how well it worked and now, two months on, I’m wearing it almost every time I wear make up and not even thinking about changing highlighters. The pigmentation is out of this world, especially considering it was only £3! It lasts all day without the need for another application and is versatile with creating more natural looks or more dramatic, defined looks. For a natural look I apply it with Real Techniques’ Bold Metals Tapered Blush brush but for a more defined look, I apply it with dabbing it on with my finger before using the brush to blend it in slightly.


Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Blur Primer

When I did a huge YSL splurge a few months ago, I got given a deluxe sample of their Touche Éclat Blur Primer  as a free gift. I thought I’d give it a try and I really wish the sample was full-sized now. It’s a clear gel that has the same consistency as Benefit’s POREfessional and feels so light when it’s applied to your face. Within seconds I noticed a difference with my pores. Whilst it is slightly more expensive than my usual primer holy grail of Benefit’s POREfessional, you get so much more for your money and I find that you don’t have to use as much of YSL’s product than you do with Benefit. The little sample pot (10ml) has lasted me about thirty applications, if not more? so you definitely get your monies worth with the full 30ml version. I’m definitely gonna be investing in the full sized version when I can.


Also, did I mention that the primer has little speckles of gold in it?! That’s always a selling point of makeup.



Vaseline Intense Care Spray Moisturiser – Aloe Soothe

I’m forever in search of the perfect body moisturiser. Some are too greasy. Some are too watery. Some smell disgusting. Some are too thick. Some take forever to absorb. My bathroom cabinet seems to be the place where all moisturisers come to die. That was until I found this little treasure – Vaseline’s Intense Care Spray Moisturiser in Aloe Soothe. With it being a spray, it is easy to apply. It’s that easy to apply that I apply it three to four times a day. It also absorbs so quickly, leaving my skin feeling soft and moisturised with a fresh smell.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream

In my winter favourites, I mentioned my love for Clinique’s Moisture Surge. However, in my last haul, I purchased Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream to give it a try. For the first use, I didn’t like it at all. I found it too thick, too greasy and took absolutely ages to absorb – I woke up the morning after applying it and it was still on my skin. But I persevered and the moisturiser began to grow on me. Whilst it does take ages to absorb, it makes it perfect for a night moisturiser and replenishes all moisture I lose during the day – what else could a girl want? I’ll still be going back to Clinique’s Moisture Surge when this tub runs out, but I’m definitely a Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream convert!

Lush Tea Tree Water Toner Water

A few months ago, I went on a little shopping trip to Lush with one of my best friends and he suggested getting a toner water. I’d heard of them before but always been a bit dubious as I use toner as part of my daily skincare routine anyway so didn’t see the point and didn’t like the idea of spraying liquid over my face when I had makeup on as it’d just cause me to resemble the Joker. But he twisted my arm and made me try one – something I am so grateful for. I carry it everywhere with me now in my handbag, spraying it whenever my skin feels like it just needs a little more moisture. It doesn’t affect my makeup at all – in fact, I find it helps keep it looking fresh and prevents it from going blotchy throughout the day. I opted for the tea tree one to keep pesky blemishes at bay. I can’t wait to buy the other sprays to see what they are like.


I’m definitely a bath person. I do love singing in the shower and loved having a quick shower to wake me up before dashing out the door for a lecture but there is nothing in this world that is as good as relaxing in the bath with a good book, music playing, candles flickering and steaming all your stresses away. And now that I’ve moved back home to my lovely big bathtub, I’ve found myself planning my life around baths, meaning some of my spring favourites are to do with bath products (yippee!).

Lush Avobath Bath Bomb

No bath is complete without a bath bomb, and my favourite bath bomb of spring is ‘Avobath‘ by Lush. Since using this, I’ve found my skin is so much softer and smoother than previously and I haven’t had any dry skin flare-ups like I usually have at the start of summer. It also smells so fresh and is going to be perfect for summer mornings too.


Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

This shampoo and conditioner combination is the best thing to grace this Earth since Harry Styles. And that is not an overstatement in the slightest. For just £1 each at any pound-like bargain store, it’s an absolute steal too. The Argan Oil helps moisturise my hair, keeping it in tip-top condition and makes it ever so soft and shiny, making it easy to brush too. This isn’t just my spring favourite, as I’ve been using it for almost a year now, but I thought I’d share it with you as it’s so good!



Whittard Raspberry Ripple Hot Choc

I love tea. I love coffee. But I love hot chocolate even more than I love tea and coffee. So when my brother brought home this Raspberry Ripple hot chocolate from work, I went crazy. And to make it even better, it is a baby pink colour!!! It’s quite sweet, expensive and Whittards sadly don’t stock it anymore as it was a Valentines’ special so I’m using it very scarcely but it’s perfect for those days where I’m in need of a good pick-me-up.

So these are just a few of my favourite things I have enjoyed this past season. What have you been loving this spring?


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