Friday was my final exam at university, meaning I am now a graduate.. aka, a boring, yet educated, adult. However, before my final exam, I decided to make the most of the sunshine and spent Thursday afternoon having a good old walk around London, being a tourist and soaking up all the British glory of the city. And I thought I might as well post all my photos of London on my blog and share my tourist day with you all!

(This post should have gone up on Friday itself but I’ve been so busy these past few days I haven’t had chance to come online, let alone post anything!!)

Thursday morning, I woke up in a very productive mood. I had to be in Victoria for 8.30am for a meeting and a couple of interviews so decided to walk there – even though the weather wasn’t particularly nice to begin with.

Once my plans were over with, I had the rest of the day to myself so had a slow walk towards Parliament in Westminster to kill time. Initially, I was just going to go back to my flat to finish off packing my stuff up to move out early the following morning, but since the sun was shining and it was too hot to be stuck in a dingy flat all afternoon, I decided to have a tourist day!


Since I was in Westminster, I headed towards the tourist spot of Davey C’s home – Downing Street. Downing Street is definitely one of those places that is the most pointless places to go in London on a tourist day, yet it has to be done. You can’t see anything. It definitely does not look like it does on the news when correspondences are stood outside the infamous ’10 Downing Street’ black door, but I did just get a photo of the street sign as proof I went..


Following the direction down Whitehall towards Trafalgar Square, I thought I’d stop and say ‘hey’ to the horses (I’m hilarious) at the Horse Guards entrance. You have to give it to the horses, and the soldiers. They have some serious willpower to stand still for hours on end, having to endure tourists taking photos of them and constantly trying to make them laugh or move. But it’s part of British heritage so you have to love it.


Then I continued walking down Whitehall..


Look at them blue skies!

At the bottom of Whitehall is the gloriously British Trafalgar Square with Nelson’s column raised high above the city.


The fountains around the historic square just made me want to go for a dip, especially since it was so hot and wearing all black wasn’t helping the situation at all.


A quick tourist piccy of the National Gallery was required, even though I’ve never stepped foot in the place..


Now, thinking about my non-planned route of London, I probably should have headed to Leicester Square from here due to it’s convenience, but since I wanted to pop into the Superdrug on the Strand (expect a Superdrug haul appearing soon as I bought quite a bit!), I headed down the Strand and onto Covent Garden!

After leaving Covent Garden, I headed off towards Soho and ended up having a lengthy call with my agent about yet another interview (joys of looking for graduate jobs). Luckily, I know London off the back of my hand so I directed my way back to Leicester Square where I was planning to grab some lunch.

Once I’d recovered from my busy morning, I decided to go and say ‘goodbye’ to my first thinking place of first year – Piccadilly Circus. Throughout my first few weeks of living in London, I found myself going to Piccadilly Circus a lot. I have no idea why I actually went to Piccadilly Circus as it probably has all the qualities I hate in somewhere to think – bright lights, loud noises, lots of people, but it was the perfect place to just go, sit on the steps and watch the world go by with a coffee.


25,000 steps after leaving my flat this morning, I was well and truly pooped. But then I remembered that Regent Street had been decorated for the upcoming birthday celebrations of the Queen so I had to just do one more thing and walk down Regent Street one last time whilst being a student. It looked so pretty and British!

..and then I finally got the tube back to my flat from Oxford Circus.


..but that wasn’t it.

Whilst on the tube, I had a text from my friend, who I hadn’t seen for months, asking if I was free (and more importantly, in London). Then, when I got above ground, I had a message from my flatmate, asking when I’d be back. I felt so popular, especially considering I usually get two messages a week – both from Dominos.

So after arranging a time, all three of us met up and walked the five miles to Primrose Hill for an afternoon of watching the sunsetting over the city – one of my favourite things to do in London.


What a view!

Since I’ve decided to stay at home for the next year and work in one of the local cities to save some money,  I won’t be living in London for some time. I’m definitely gonna miss the city but I know for sure I’ll be visiting very, very soon and I’ll be moving back before London gets chance to miss me!


5 thoughts on “London.

  1. LisaG says:

    1 of my dreams is to visit London because I have never been…yet! I love your Blog Post! What amazing photos too, they are fantastic! I hope 1 day I get the chance to see London for myself. Really enjoyed reading this.
    LisaG XoX


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