My New Job.

Life has gone 0-60 within 0.223583374 seconds since leaving university – and I’m not complaining one bit. It’s just it seems absolutely impossible to find the odd few minutes to myself to blog. But fear not, I have an entire night tonight – or at least a couple of hours until I fall fast asleep at 8.30pm like I have the last three weeks – to get back up to speed with the bloggerverse and schedule posts in case I can’t blog on my usual Monday, Wednesday and Friday (clever, eh!).

But firstly, I thought I’d just give you all a little update on my life..

If you’ve been following my blog for a while or follow me on social media, you’ll know I finished university just over three weeks ago. Yet it seems like a lifetime ago. In my final week of being a student, I had the joys of ten job interviews within a matter of days, but fortunately for me, I managed to get offered the first job I had an interview for. I finished university of the Friday and within 9 days, I was starting at my graduate job. I definitely was one of the fortunate ones.

So anyway..

I’m almost three weeks into my first proper adult job at an adult business on an adult salary in an adult office with an adult desk and an adult computer and an adult telephone extension number. I think I’ve said ‘adult’ too much.. But yeah, three weeks in and I absolute love it!

The group of friends I’ve made are those sort of people who you feel like you’ve known for years. It’s so good to actually just be somewhere with people I get on with, who like the same things as me. Don’t get me wrong, university was great but going to such a cosmopolitan university meant there was so many different types of people and I never felt like I actually ‘clicked’ with people on my course – I only clicked with people I lived with because we were so similar. But work is the complete opposite. We’re all so similar with the same ambitions in life and same interests. We even all have the same sense of humour. It’s pretty scary!

But if I’m not at work, I’m out with my friends or I’m catching up on sleep. I’ve actually got into a proper sleeping pattern as well – sleeping during the night and being awake during the day. I guess the only downside of having a full-time nine ’til five job is no naps and no movie days.

I just hope that it won’t take me too long for my life to settle down so I can still concentrate on my blog as well as juggling a social life and my career!



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