Real Techniques Brushes Haul.

If there is one make-up brush brand that needs to be raved about, it is definitely ‘Real Techniques’. Not only are their brushes reasonably priced, easy to get your hands on and such good, high quality, they are insanely pretty – especially the ‘Bold Metals’ collection.

I’ve had their ‘core’ collection for absolutely donkey years. They were the first set of professional brushes I bought when I first got into make up and I’m forever reaching for them, even though my brush collection has grown extensively since then. So when they announced they were going to be bringing out their ‘Bold Metals’ collection, I knew I’d have to invest in these sooner than later. But obviously, life as a student isn’t as lavish as people expect so I never actually got round to buying the brushes until I decided to do a pre-new-job splurge and bought eight out of the nine brushes. And what better way of justifying such a outrageous purchase than writing a blog post to review them so others can learn what’s worth it and what’s not worth it.


200 – Oval Shadow Brush


Starting with the eyes, there is this gorgeous silver coloured eyeshadow brush. Before using this brush, I fell in love with it. It’s such a perfectly rounded shape which gives you a perfect all-over-the-lid application and the bristles aren’t dense and are super soft, meaning it doesn’t scratch your skin either – which is always a bonus. I use this daily to blend in my eyeshadow as I find it leaves too much product on your eye when using it to apply, but with it being quite fluffy, it’s the perfect tool for blending. I’d even go so far as saying this beats my all-time favourite eyeshadow blending brush (Sigma’s E40).

201 – Pointed Crease Brush


The next eye brush in the range is this slightly tapered, more compact, but equally as soft brush that I find perfect for applying the eyeshadow product to your lid. It’s perfect as well for adding definition. I tend to reach for this brush whenever I want to do a more dramatic smokey eye as it packs the product on so well and I find it doesn’t let much of the powder fall onto the skin below your eyes – always an added bonus.

202 – Angled Liner Brush


To be totally honest, I only bought this brush to finish off the eye collection. I’ve not really been on the lookout for an eyeliner brush as my Bobbi Brown brush serves me well so I didn’t think I needed to change. But holy moly, I tried this one day just to give it a go and it’s pretty much changed my life – well, my make up life. The brush is slanted, meaning it makes those pesky little wings easier to achieve. The bristles are also close together, giving you precision and a soft, smooth application. I can’t remember the last time I used my holy grail brush instead of this new find. I don’t plan on going back anytime yet either.

100 – Arched Powder Brush


When I first saw this brush, I wasn’t too sure on what to think of it. And to be entirely honest, I’m still unsure. At the end of the day, it’s just your box standard powder brush and I don’t really notice anything different with the finish. It’s not as dense as Real Technique’s Powder Brush and it’s dome tapered instead of the original’s rounded effect. But I don’t see what this brush can do that the original one can’t. It’s a pretty gold colour but that’s pretty much where the attraction ends for me.

101 – Triangle Foundation Brush


I have a confession for this brush. I haven’t actually used it for foundation.. I do, however, find it perfect for applying concealer. It’s triangle tapered brush is such a unique shape in comparison to other foundation brushes I’ve owned and I found it perfect for providing a good coverage for concealer in those hard to get places. I also like how to brush gives off a feathered effect, meaning you don’t have to deal with harsh lines. I guess it could be perfect for foundation too but I don’t like how small the brush is – probably because I’m lazy and want my foundation to be applied and blended within a few strokes.

300 – Tapered Blush Brush


I did get this brush when the range first came out because it was rose gold. Anybody who knows me will be able to vouch for this – I go crazy for rose gold things. It makes life so much prettier. Anyway.. you’re probably wondering why I got another one. And that, my friends, is because it is that good. Whilst I know that the brush is small in comparison to other blusher brushes by Real Techniques, I find it perfect for contouring.. (Do I ever use a brush for it’s intended purpose you ask.. No. No, I don’t.) I use the flat contour brush to apply the product and then use this for blending it out if I’m not down for the chiseled cheekbones look.

301 – Flat Contour Brush


As I mentioned above, I used this brush for it’s actual intended purpose (shock horror). Again, it’s in a gorgeous rose gold shade – which makes it even better. It’s quite a dense brush, meaning it’s not so great if you want a more natural contour look, but it’s super soft and works perfectly alongside the tapered blush brush to tone down the dramatic finish it leaves. However, I don’t really think it is worth the £22 price tag as there’s better brushes on the market right now for half the price.

The Boots I went into didn’t have the concealer brush in stock – unfortunately for me but fortunately for my bank account – so I guess I’ll have to leave that review for another day.

But overall, I was pretty impressed with the look of the brushes but they aren’t completely different to Real Technique’s original ranges. I think the only brushes I would truly recommend and say that are worth it are the oval shadow (200), the angled liner (202) and the tapered blush (300).

How about you guys? Do you own any of the brushes? What do you think of them? I’d love to hear your thoughts on them too!


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