What’s In My Bag (Disney Edition)

For the past four or five years, I’ve been fortunate enough to go to Disney every year – whether it be Disneyworld in Florida or Disneyland in Paris. And this year is no different. I’m off again this weekend for almost a week to Disneyland Paris and I can’t fricking wait. So I thought I’d compile a week’s worth of Disney blog posts in preparation for my trip to the happiest place on Earth to get even more excited about it – not that that is possible as I’m already pretty bouncing off the walls with excitement.

So to begin this week of Disney festivities, I thought I’d start with a ‘what’s in my bag’ post but a Disney edition. Everyone who’s been to a Disney park will know that it is near enough impossible to pack everything you need as Disney can be so unpredictable and you can never prepare as much as you’d like to be prepared as you just don’t know what the day is going to hold. But I thought I’d give it a go and share with you what I take with me to the parks in my bag after years of trying to be prepared for Disney.

Packing your park bag the morning you go to the parks is one of those things that you will never get right in life. You either take too much and end up lugging it around all day in the scorching heat or you don’t take enough of the essentials and end up having to remortgage your house to be able to afford them inside the parks.

Whenever I go to the parks, I always take a little backpack as I find it super handy to keep everything in it and since it’s on your back, you don’t really get the arm ache like you do when carrying a shoulder bag all day long. This is completely personal preference so it’s completely up to what you feel more comfortable with. I know some people don’t like the idea of having a backpack due to security reasons but I never keep my phone or cash in the backpack unless I’m on the ride – and I’d like to see a pickpocketer trying to get at my change whilst upside down on Rock n Rollercoaster.


I got this backpack from Primark last year and if i remember rightly, it cost about £12 – which, for Primark, is on the more pricier side of bags but I loved the design and the compartments at the front and it was much more affordable for a student than the other bags I was looking at in River Island and Topshop. It was definitely cheap and cheerful.

Now for the fun part, what’s inside the bag..


Whenever I go away on my holibobs, I always make sure I stock up on the travel essentials – partly because I love the cute little toiletry bottles and partly because I know that if I don’t end up buying them, I’ll end up needing them. But these little travel size bottles are absolutely perfect for taking into the Disney parks as they take up no room at all and are really handy and convenient. I’m not on about taking shampoo and shower gel into the parks because that’s a tad stupid, but the deodorant and wet wipes are perfect to have just in case.


I like to keep all the ‘liquid’ things in a cosmetic bag as it keeps them all together so I don’t have to go rummaging around, looking for my lip balm, wasting valuable ride time and just in case something leaks and it doesn’t ruin everything else in the main bag. This cosmetic bag was from Primark and I think it was about £4.

So inside this little cosmetic bag, I have my two main everyday essentials – my hand cream and my lip balm, the holy grail ‘Classic Carmex’ pot. I also take my Dove Deodorant and a pack of Carex wipes as it can get really hot and sticky in the parks, even if it’s raining, so it’s always handy having this on me to freshen up with. I always take a spare hair scrunchie with me everywhere I go, as having long hair is nice but can cause such an annoyance when it gets too hot and stuffy. Plasters are also a must as you can be in the comfiest trainers possible and still end up in agony and bleeding so it’s always good to have some on you as a precautionary matter. I also take my ‘4head’ stick as I tend to suffer from headaches a lot these days, even if I’m drinking plenty of water, and since I can’t take tablets I have to resort to this little lifesaver. And since I wear contact lenses, I always take eye drops and a spare pair – just in case. However, I don’t take any make up with me to freshen up as I find it so time-consuming and all I wanna do is go on Tower of Terror twenty times in a row until I throw up.


I also take a light jacket with me. Whenever I go to the parks, I’m usually in shorts and a strappy t-shirt but it’s always useful to have a jacket in my backpack in case it starts getting a little bit chilly, especially on the nighttime when watching the fireworks. A light jacket is perfect too when the sun gets too hot as you can just whack it on and protect your skin from the sun’s strength without overheating and it weighs next to nothing in your bag. So practical.

Although I wear contact lenses most of the time when I’m away, I do take comfort knowing I have my normal glasses with me. I’ve had plenty of bad experiences in the past when it comes to contact lenses popping out on rides or just before One Direction step on stage at the BBC Music Awards so I never go somewhere important without having my glasses and a spare pair of lenses to fall back on.

And then I take my favourite pair of sunglasses – my Rose Gold aviators – which need no explanation. But big tip: remember to take them off on rollercoasters if you’re like me and put them on top of your head as a hair band whilst in the queue – they will fly off and you won’t get them back.

So that is what I take with me to the parks! I don’t take any electrical chargers or power packs as I’m rarely on my phone inside Disney unless it’s uploading snaps to Instagram or checking in on Facebook but that’s just me. If you wanna take them, you take them.

What do you guys take with you to theme parks? I’d love to know so comment below!


3 thoughts on “What’s In My Bag (Disney Edition)

  1. vintagepetal63 says:

    Packing for the Disney is so hard, last time I spent weeks writing lists and just managed to take everything I need! Have an amazing time, you’re so lucky!xo


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