Disneyland: Day One.

It’s currently 34 degrees outside so I thought instead of staying outside on the balcony, turning into a lobster with Minnie Mouse ears on, I’d retreat back to my air-conditioned hotel room and write a blog post on my first few days at Disneyland Paris!

We arrived at our hotel late Monday night thanks to delays on the Channel Tunnel and roadworks by Paris so we didn’t see the point in rushing to the train station to hop on a train to Paris itself for a sightseeing day, nor did we see the justification in spending yet another hundred euros on park tickets just for a couple of hours so we had a chilled night at Disney Village, spending way over the price of an admission ticket in the Disney Stores and at the hotel bar.

For our first official day at Disney on the Tuesday, we woke up super early – which was pretty easy for me as I’ve finally got a suitable sleeping pattern thanks to my 9-5 work routine back at home and the excitement of going to Disneyland was in full swing.

So after breakfast outside in the scorching sunshine with a beautiful view, we drove to Disney. It might sound weird driving to Disney as we were less than a mile from the park and stopping in a Disney hotel with transportation included in our hotel package but we wanted to get the Disney excitement as we drove down the French equivalent of ‘World Drive’ and parked in Bambi and got on the travelators with all the Disney music playing.


The excitement by this point was unreal. 21 years old and still getting told off for being too excited when it comes to Disney. #yolo

Already having our tickets, we pretty much darted into the park at opening and headed straight down Main Street USA to be greeted by this beauty. I was too fricking excited.


Now, if you read my How To: Survive Disneyland post last week, you’ll already know how one of my traditions with my family (or anyone I go to Disney with) is to go on ‘It’s A Small World’ as my first and then final ride of the holiday. And who am I to break traditions so we headed straight for the annoying yet amazing ride.


After we’d got the tune stuck in our heads after only just getting it out from last year when we came, we walked to Discoveryland and went onto Buzz Lightyear! Last year I managed to get my all-time high score of 317,000 but this year I stepped up to the challenge and beat that one. I was BUZZing.


Once we’d defeated Zurg, we decided to be adrenaline junkies and go onto Space Mountain.  This was pretty weird for me as it’s only been within the last year that I’ve actually managed to get over my fear of rollercoasters. Before last summer, I’d be that girl holding everyone’s bags or I’d be that girl running to the exit the closer we got to boarding the ride. No matter what I did, I’d never be able to go on a rollercoaster – or if I did, I’d be crying like a baby. But last year, I finally plucked up the courage and went on Tower of Terror and realised I fricking loved it and had been missing out on so much for so many years. Now you can’t get me onto a rollercoaster fast enough.


Space Mountain definitely put me in a rollercoaster mood so we headed out of Disneyland and across the way into Walt Disney Studios!


Going on Space Mountain, Tower of Terror and Rock n Rollercoaster within half an hour usually wouldn’t be a good idea. I mean, there’s only so many turns, drops and 360 corkscrews a girl can take, but I’m not normal so I came off the final ride and wanted to go back on them all again. Sadly, the temperatures in the park were slowly creeping towards 40 degrees and I’d already caught the sun a hell of a lot within the four hours that we’d been in the park so we decided to head back to the hotel for a swim.

Even returning to the parks at 7pm meant we were greeted by bright blue skies and insane temperatures so there was only one thing for it – to go on the darkest, coolest ride we could think of. The amazing Pirates of the Caribbean.


By the time we got out of Pirates of the Caribbean.. I say it like we were in there hours but the queue was only three minutes long so we were in there ten tops, we went straight to Fantasyland and headed on all the ‘kiddie’ rides since the Frozen parade thing was on and there wasn’t a teenybopper in sight. Perfect!

We were originally going to stay for the entire day until park closing to watch the fireworks but I was completely knackered and in agony from walking so much so we decided to call it a day after going on the Haunted Mansion (or Phantom Manor as the French call it). Fun fact about the Haunted Mansion ride, when you’re in the stretching entrance room at Disneyland Paris and Disneyland California, you are actually going down – the whole room is pretty much an elevator taking you to a lower floor – but in Disneyworld Florida, you don’t move anywhere and it’s just the walls which rise.


So there you have it. There was my first day at Disneyland! Expect day two to appear soon!


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