‘Temple Spa’ Haul.

Last month, my older cousin hosted a skincare party at her house with ‘Temple Spa’ and I was lucky enough to be invited. I’d been to tonnes of these sort of parties before but never one with ‘Temple Spa’. To be honest, I’d never even heard of them. So I went along, with my debit card – just in case – and an open mind.

Cut a long story short, I ended up walking away £200 lighter and with amazing skin. I’d say that was money well spent.

So when my ordered products arrived five days later, I thought I’d do a haul/review post for you all to enlighten you to the miracle that is ‘Temple Spa’ because they have seriously changed my life.


Before I begin, I thought it’d be a good time to do a quick, boring disclaimer. In no way am I getting sponsored to share how amazing these products are. I bought the products myself, tried them myself and I’ve seen for myself how amazing these products actually are. I would never rave about a brand unless I truly felt that they deserved to be raved about. And since I went to a ‘Temple Spa’ party, I managed to get things in offers and at a discounted rate but I will still state on here what they cost to purchase online as it’s roughly the same price that I paid.


So this is the products before I unboxed them. I only got six items (and three for my mum) but I could have easily bought the whole range if my bank account would have let me. I was so impressed with how quick the products were delivered and how they were presented. They arrived in a box (obviously) but were protected with colourful tissue paper and even had a couple of sweets inside the box and a thank-you note from the consultant. It was such a lovely, personal touch.


Dual Act Cleansing Lotion


Before buying this, I already had my own skincare routine that I thought was working for me. It took a good half an hour every night and a good ten minutes every morning but it seemed to be keeping breakouts at bay and made my skin feel fresh. Then I tried this at the party and it threw my routine right out of the window. Before I’d use micellar water to remove all my make-up, using about five or six cotton pads every night just to get rid of the bulk of my foundation, and then I’d use my Clarisonic to exfoliate and get rid of the rest of the cosmetic gunk from my skin. But this was revolutionary. I’ve used it for about two weeks now and it’s turned a five minute routine into about twenty seconds. I just rub a tiny pea sized helping of this all over my face (with the make up still on) and wash it off with a steaming face cloth and voila! 

It smells lovely and fresh and helps make my skin feel so rejuvenated and refreshed. I’ve also found that it’s made my skin insanely clear – so clear that for the past week I’ve not worn foundation at all and had so many compliments about my skin.

I’d recommend this for every type of skin. I’ve got combination to oily skin and it has definitely improved how oily my face gets during the day. I’ve still got at least 80% of this left, but I know I am definitely going to be repurchasing this the second I’m running low.

For £19, Dual Act is pretty much the same price as other high end cleansers on the market but I think it is leagues above ones I’ve tried.

Breakfast Smoothie Exfoliator


When I tried this at the party, I literally just wanted to eat it. It smells surreal. The ingredients on the bottle state “Honey, Jojoba, Oats, OIive Oil, Strawberry juice, Apricot Kernel Oil, Papaya, Pear & Apple Juice, Orange, Squalane”. It literally sounds like what I’d chuck in my blender to make a smoothie. And it certainly smells like a smoothie. So when it arrived, I couldn’t wait until bedtime to try it out.

It’s so mild that it doesn’t even feel like an exfoliator. I usually used an exfoliator once a week in addition to my daily Clarisonic but I’ve been using this every other day as it’s such a gentle exfoliator. I also have found that it makes my skin feel so much more softer, lets my moisturiser soak in better and gives my skin a glowing look. I definitely won’t be turning my back on this little treasure.

The Breakfast Smoothie is £25 – which is a little pricier than other exfoliators – but the smell is worth that alone. The end result is just an added bonus I guess.

Toning Essence Toner


I’ve tried my fair share of toners in the past but I’ve never actually known what they were for. I’m in no way, shape or form a skincare expert but I’ve managed to grasp the basics from YouTube videos and beauty magazines, but I’ve never really understood the point of a toner. They never really ‘toned’ my skin at all. So at the ‘Temple Spa’ party, I decided to ask why we even need toners in a skincare regime.

Answer: It helps to close your pores after exfoliating and restores the skin’s natural balance after cleansing.

 I guessed it was pretty essential after that, so I decided to buy yet another toner and give it a go for it’s proper use. And boy, oh, boy was it a good idea. I don’t know if it’s because I was finally using the toner for it’s intended purpose or because the other toners I had tried were crap but after applying this straight after exfoliating, it gave my skin something it was missing. It made it feel cleaner than before. It made it feel soothed instead of agitated. Plus, it smelt so amazing and applying this just refreshed my face to a whole new level.

I found it insanely cheap too. The Toning Essence was £16 and you only need three or four spritz for your entire face, meaning a little goes a long way.

Repose Night Cream


Like toners, I’ve had thousands (probably not even an exaggeration because I’ve had that many of them) of night creams yet I’ve never really found one that suited my skin. The closest I’ve had to a good night cream is the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream that I mentioned in my Spring Favourites blog post but it still wasn’t ‘perfect’ in my eyes. But when I tried this at the party, I knew I had to have it and try it out for a longer, extended period.

The one thing that drew me to this night cream was the smell. I’m rubbish at describing scents but to me, it’s just lavender – which is pretty weird as lavender is one of those smells that I just can’t stand. But it’s not an overpowering smell – it’s such a relaxing scent! The ‘Temple Spa’ consultant also said to spend a few seconds before applying the cream to the face and neck inhaling the scent as it’s said to be like aromatherapy to relieve stress and act as a relaxant. We had a go at doing this at the party and I’m not even lying, I could have easily fallen asleep right there and then.

Repose is £39 and definitely a good night’s sleep in a jar. It’s also great for lazy days where you just want to give your skin a day off and a good boost.

Moisture Matte Moisturiser


Although it will never replace my love of Clinique’s Moisture Surge (as mentioned in my Winter Favourites post), this moisturiser is pretty much the next best thing. But I don’t use it as a daily moisturiser – instead, I use it as a primer. It’s such a silky texture and makes my skin feel ready for applying make up. The only way I can actually describe it is it’s like Benefit’s Porefessional but more moisturising. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy in the slightest and it’s super moisturising.

Moisture Matte costs £34 but like all of the products I’ve tried from ‘Temple Spa’ so far, you only need the tiniest smidge and even that’s plenty to do my entire face.

Aaahhh! Balm


I never even thought of buying a cream for my feet and legs as I’m pretty much sorted with body butters and moisturisers, but when this got passed around, I couldn’t help but try it. And then, obviously, I had to buy it.

I wouldn’t exactly call it a moisturiser as it doesn’t moisturise my skin too much. But it creates this cooling, relaxing sensation – a little like the tingle that Carmex gives your lips – and helps get rid of any aches and pains after a long day.

Aaahhh! is £20 and worth every single penny. The only downside to it is it’s not extremely moisturising and I still need to use a moisturiser as well.

To say I’d never heard of ‘Temple Spa’ before until the party, I am amazed at how amazing their products actually are. They only use the most natural of ingredients and I can’t say I’ve got any major issues with any of the products I’ve tried so far. As soon as pay day comes around, I will be ordering a lot more products from them to try out the rest of their range so watch this space for more haul posts as there’s definitely gonna be some!

What underrated brands do you guys love and rave about?


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