Summer Wish List.

I’ve seen a few of these posts flying about and decided to begin yet another feature on my blog – a seasonal wish list of products that I hope to treat myself to. It’s pretty much like a shopping list but of fun, exciting things! 


As soon as this collection was announced, I knew I’d want to own pretty much everything on the website. Rose gold is definitely my favourite jewellery colour. And Pandora is one of my favourite jewellery brands. My favourite ring is the Princess Tiara ring – something I’ve worn constantly since the day I got it two years ago. I’ve ended up having to get rid of a few of the rings I’ve worn daily as some of them have bent slightly from accidentally catching them on things so I’m in need of a new ring to accessorise with and I’ve decided that my first ring on the list is the gorgeous Pandora Rose Bow Ring.


It’s so simple yet gorgeous. And rose gold will definitely suit a tan so it’s just an excuse to go on holiday again, muahahaha.


Staying in keeping with the rose gold and jewellery theme, the next item on my wish list is this gorgeous watch. Everyone and anyone seems to have a Michael Kors watch these days and whilst they do have a gorgeous selection, I just can’t justify spending that much money on a watch that I’m not absolutely head over heels in love with. A few weeks ago when I was browsing through the tinterweb, I came across ‘Rosefield’ – a brand I haven’t heard of – who did the sort of simple watches I love. And I fell in love with their Rose Gold Mercer one.


Like the Pandora design, it is so simple and not too over the top with detail. That is one thing that I didn’t like about the Michael Kors watches – there was so much on the clock face that it would take you about half an hour just to see what time it was. Again, the rose gold colour will compliment a tan so I guess it’s just God’s way of telling me to go on holiday again. What a shame.

Michael Kors

I’ve never actually bought a Michael Kors bag for myself. I got one last year that my mum and aunty helped me buy that I used daily for university as it was a jetset tote – perfect for carrying my MacBook to and from lectures. Then earlier this year, my other aunty gave me her Michael Kors bag as an early graduation present. I love them both so much but my plan in life has always been to buy something extravagant and pricey with my first salaried paycheque – which I’m getting at the end of this week. And that’s gonna be a MK bag.

I’ve had my eye on the lilac bags but sadly these are no longer in season so I’ve gone for the next best thing – a gorgeous coral bag in the same style as ones I’ve seen before, Selma.


Can you work out what my favourite accessory colour is yet? Haha.

And obviously, it would be rude to buy a new bag and not buy a new purse as well. img-thing



Ever since my trusty Victoria Secret iPhone case two phones previously when I had my iPhone 5, I’ve never managed to find a phone case I’ve been in love with until I found this gorgeous case. It’s pink. It’s shiny. It’s sparkly. If I were an iPhone 6s case, I’d be this iPhone 6s case. It’s so summery and pretty and would, again, look great with a tan.


As much as I love Apple’s EarPods, sometimes it’s just nice to have a change and use on-ear headphones instead. I’ve wanted these Frends headphones for donkey’s years purely for the fact that they are rose gold.


They look uber comfortable – perfect for these long commutes I have to endure daily – and ideal if I was to jet off somewhere..

(I think I need a holiday – even though I only came back a week ago..)


It’s supposed to be summer (no matter how deceiving it may be living in England) which means that sunglasses should be an everyday essential. I usually get Primark sunglasses, which are great because for a couple of quid, you get so many gorgeous designs but they are pretty crap on the odd sunny days we get. They may protect your eyes from the sun but all they do is reflect your own face onto the glasses, meaning all you see is your own eyes and the highlighter on your cheeks. So I’ve decided enough is enough and I need to splurge on a pair of RayBans for the sake of my sanity when the sun is out.


And what a bloody coinkydink. They’re rose gold.

So these are my seven items on my wish list this summer. Whether I get them all, or any at all, is a completely different story but hey, what’s the point in dreaming if we don’t dream big?

If you guys had unlimited money, what products would you want to buy and why? I’d love to know so comment below!

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