100 Ways To: Annoy Me

I’ve seen these types of posts flying around the bloggerverse for quite a while now and been meaning to do one for just as long. In essence, it’s like a game or a challenge and you can do it with anything. I’ve seen it done with listing blog post ideas, baby names and places to visit. I guess in some cases it can be helpful – putting yourself under a timed pressure can maximise productivity. So I thought I’d make it fun and bring out the British in me by writing down everything (well, limiting it to 100 things) that annoys me. Everyone knows the British love to complain.

I gave myself 30 minutes to list 100 ways to annoy me. If I was gonna do it, I’d have to list one way every eighteen seconds. It sounds easy but trust me, it gets harder to more you try to think because all you can think of is the ones you’ve already written down.

So 1800 seconds on the timer.. paper and pen at the ready.. I was off.

  1. When I send you a text message and you don’t reply but then post a tweet, snap a snapchat or put something on Facebook
  2. Rain
  3. Driving through the town with your windows down, blaring music (shit music too)
  4. Talking over the television when you finally get chance to watch something you’ve wanted to watch for weeks
  5. Not covering their mouths when they cough
  6. Z-list celebrities
  7. Commenting things about issues you have no idea about (i.e. politics)
  8. Posting a Facebook status about having no money when you don’t work and have never worked a day in your life
  9. Negative people spreading your negative vibe when I’m in an alright mood
  10. Netflix taking off a tv show when I’m halfway through watching it
  11. Netflix not putting the next season of a show up quick enough
  12. Getting on the train before giving others a chance to get off, even when they’re stood right by the door
  13. Having no manners
  14. Listening to music in public without headphones (or with headphones but so loud you might as well not have the headphones in)
  15. Smoking whilst heavily pregnant
  16. Looking for apartments online and 90% of them are car parking spaces
  17. Traffic lights that give the other way 15 years but your way 2.74 seconds
  18. When my hair doesn’t cooperate
  19. When my face doesn’t cooperate
  20. Walking slower than snails (unless they are old or attending a funeral)
  21. Messing up something I’ve just spent hours tidying and cleaning
  22. Adverts (or commercial breaks)
  23. Staring at me from afar without blinking or looking away when I look at you
  24. Smoking
  25. Vaping
  26. Shoving your vegan or feminist attitudes down my throat every opportunity you have
  27. Belittling somebody because they don’t have the same beliefs as you
  28. Standing right in the middle of the aisle at the supermarket and not responding to ‘excuse me’
  29. Shouting instead of talking at a reasonable volume
  30. Put milk in a cup of tea first
  31. Pushing into a queue
  32. Slowing down when you’re coming to the end of the escalator and waiting until the very last second to step off, meaning I have to do that awkward little jump to stop myself from falling flat on my face
  33. Sitting down next to me on an empty train when I don’t know you
  34. Interrupting me when I’m in the middle of saying something when they’ve been speaking for the past century.. Oh, sorry. Didn’t know my story was boring you. 
  35. Looking at my phone screen as I’m texting
  36. Just looking at my phone screen in general
  37. Cancelling plans when I was really looking forward to them
  38. Making plans when I was really looking forward to doing nothing
  39. Making a cup of tea that is basically as white as paper
  40. Making a cup of tea that is basically as brown as mud
  41. Putting more than two spoons of sugar in your cup of tea.. Want some tea with that syrup?
  42. Overstepping that line between friendly banter and being an insulting asshole
  43. Letting your sprogs run all over the store as I’m trying to do my shopping
  44. Sending your snapchat to all your contacts and putting it on your story too
  45. Being two-faced
  46. Letting your sprogs use the back of my chair on the plane as a kickboxing bag
  47. Letting your sprogs scream blue murder 24/7
  48. Replying with one word/letter/emoji when I pretty much rewrite MacBeth to you
  49. Not replying at all
  50. Not answering your phone
  51. Not ringing me back if I try to call you and you don’t answer
  52. Complaining about the NHS because you can’t get a next day appointment for your sniffle
  53. Being rude
  54. Being nosey
  55. Not indicating which way you’re turning when driving
  56. Being adamant that you’re right when proved wrong
  57. Snapchatting or taking selfies when driving
  58. Texting when driving
  59. Speaking on a phone that isn’t handsfree when driving
  60. Borrowing my stuff and never giving it back
  61. Getting toothpaste on the sink and not cleaning it off
  62. Not cleaning up in general
  63. Being sexist
  64. Being racist
  65. Expecting special treatment for no reason
  66. Using the wrong ‘they’re’ ‘their’ and ‘there’
  67. Using the wrong ‘you’re’ and ‘your’
  68. Using the wrong ‘it’s’ and ‘its’
  69. Spelling ‘definitely’ as ‘defiantly’
  70. Overusing cap lock
  71. Chewing gum whilst I’m talking to you
  72. Spitting
  73. Stealing my spoon at the office and not putting it back
  74. Stealing my pens at the office and not putting them back
  75. Stealing my coffee at the office
  76. Deleting my programmes off the Sky+ planner before I’ve had chance to watch them
  77. Talking loudly on the phone in public
  78. Clapping when the airplane lands
  79. Hating an artist before you’ve listened to their music
  80. Commenting on how much ‘weight’ you need to ‘lose’ when you’re smaller than me
  81. Talking to dogs like they’re babies
  82. Talking to babies like they’re stupid
  83. Chewing with your mouth open
  84. Walking out of the bathroom after using the facilities without washing your hands
  85. Making a promise and breaking it
  86. Talking through a movie
  87. Being too serious in life
  88. Not being able to take a joke
  89. Taking a joke too far
  90. Leaving electricals on when you’re not using them
  91. Leaving lights on when you’re not in the room
  92. Littering
  93. Not being able to keep a conversation going
  94. Leaving it to me to start a conversation every time
  95. Ruining my favourite shows for me by telling me spoilers
  96. Bringing others down
  97. Talking about someone behind their back
  98. Being hypocritical
  99. Thinking you’re better than everyone else
  100. Judging others  for something they can’t change overnight

I have a confession guys.. That took me 42 minutes and 18 seconds. 30 minutes was up at 90 and I was so close I decided to carry on to the end like a trooper. It really was challenging but I did it! 100 ways to annoy me!

What annoys you? Comment below or even have a go at doing this yourself and link me to your attempt.

(Trust me, it’s harder than it looks!)




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