Make-Up Organisation.

One of the things that got me into this whole bloggerverse was reading about the ways other people organised their make-up. It may sound like such a tedious topic but I used to spend hours on end scrolling through other people’s blogs, reading about their storage and their collections. I guess it was because I should have been studying for my degree so anything seemed more interesting than reading about corporate manslaughter or unilateral contracts. Make-up organisation is definitely my guilty pleasure.

And now that I’ve finally got to a place where I’m content with how I’ve organised my make-up, I thought that I’d contribute to the bloggerverse’s never-ending collection of make-up organisation posts.

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always wanted a Hollywood style vanity table – you know the ones the Kardashians have with the globe lights dotted all the way around a huge mirror. And so when I moved back home after university, I decided that I was going to make that dream into a reality and I was going to treat myself to a DIY dressing table. And thanks to many trips to IKEA and lots of trips to the local hardware store, I ended up with my pride and joy..


So without further ado, lets get stuck into how I’ve organised my pretty modest collection of make-up and beauty products..

Whicker Drawers

Beneath the dressing table surface, I’ve put my little set of white wicker drawers. Originally, I wasn’t going to have these in my room but in my office instead. However, after moving everything around a couple of times, I soon realised they belonged beneath the dressing table to store all my bobs and bits in them.


In the bottom drawer, I keep all my electrical things, such as my straighteners, curlers, hair dryer and my Clarisonic charger.


And in the top drawer, I like to keep everything else that I use regularly (e.g. spot stuff and contact lens shizzle) but don’t need on display. I also keep things that I’ve been given but don’t really use – such as all those Maybelline Baby Lips.


On top of the drawers, I keep all my palettes and hairbrushes in two separate storage boxes  along with my jewellery box. Having things in lidless (if that’s even a word) boxes makes everything so much more accessible without having to have tonnes of things on top of the dressing table. Plus, it means I can just chuck things into them without having to worry about it being messy.


MUJI Drawers

I think it’s easy to say that MUJI drawers are the holy grail storage for make-up lovers. I’ve had mine for about two years now and I don’t know what I’d do without them. I can’t imagine having all my make-up in a cosmetic bag. They make organisation so easy – plus they look great.

I have two sets of their wide two drawers beneath a set of their wide two drawers with a flip top. I don’t use the flip top but it’s great if I have something a little taller than the drawer height so I can just slightly adjust the drawer to make sure it can fit in it.

On top of the drawers, I like to keep all my make-up that won’t fit in the drawers. I usually find high end foundations are impossible to fit into the drawers so these just stay on top – plus it means I can see what foundations I have so I can switch what I use up on a regular basis. I also have a purple vase with a pink flower in it, just to tie the dressing table area in with the rest of my bedroom’s colour scheme. Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen would be so proud.


I’ve pretty much organised my drawers in a logical manner – the first drawer is for the things I use first, the second drawer is for the things I use after the first, etc.

The first drawer is home to all my face skincare and primers..


The second drawer houses all my concealers..


The third drawer keeps all my foundations together..


The fourth drawer makes sure all my powders are organised..


The fifth drawer is where I store all my eye products..


And finally, the sixth drawer stores all my lip colours..


Dressing Table

Since I’m pretty lucky with what storage I have, I don’t really need many products on top of the dressing table itself, giving me so much room to create a mess on when I actually apply my make-up. But it also means that I can have a few decorative pieces on the surface – such as my jewellery stand (which looks overloaded with my billion bangles) and my favourite candle holder. It also means that I can have my docking station close to me so I can jam out to my tunes whilst getting ready – trust me, you need a little bit of Backstreet Boys to get you going for the day when you wake up at 6am every morning.


In the centre of my dressing table, beneath my mirror, I have all my pots full of my make-up brushes. In one pot I keep my eye brushes. In another I keep my Artis style brushes. And then in another pot, I keep my face brushes. I find that this way, I don’t waste time rummaging through a huge pot trying to separate my eyeliner brushes from my concealer brushes etc. I’ve then got my lipstick stand with a few of my favourite MAC lipsticks and lipliners in it so I don’t have to go rummaging through my lip drawer. I’ve also got two pots – one for my cotton pads and another for my bobby pins as I use these twice a day so it makes sense for them to be close to hand.


So this is how I’ve organised my make-up. It’s not perfect, but it works perfectly for me – and I guess that’s all that matters!

How do you guys organise your make-up? Make sure you leave comments below!


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