What’s In My Bag (Work Edition)

Today marks my tenth week of working in the real world so I thought I’d celebrate double digits by posting a ‘what’s in my bag’ post. I did one of these a few weeks ago when I went to Disney and it was pretty fun to do (in a sad sorta way). So I thought hey ho, let’s do another one.. but this time full of useful stuff I take with me to work on a daily basis.

The Bag


I’m definitely a bag sorta person. I have so many bags that I’ve had to purchase bags just to store said bags in them. And now I’m earning a proper living, I decided I was going to treat myself to a new Michael Kors bag as my old one is getting a little bit worn out and just doesn’t fit everything in it anymore. So off I popped to the store only to realise the new season had been brought out and the bag I fell in love with was no longer available. I didn’t see the point in spending £400 on a bag I didn’t really love so I thought I’d save my money and get this bag from Peacocks for £30 in the meantime until a bag was released that I love. Good thinking, eh?

It does the job and fits everything I need for work inside it so I thought it was a pretty good alternative. Plus saved me £370.

The Contents


There is one thing I can’t stand and that’s being unprepared so my bag pretty much has everything and anything I might need in it..

So, of course, the main essential I have in my bag is my purse. Most of the time it’s empty and full of old receipts but it’s helpful to have it on me, even if it is useless. I also have my travel card with me at all times – joys of commuting. Then there’s my house keys with various key fobs for all the supermarkets – joys of adulting. And then I have my security entrance pass for work – joys of working. It’s pretty boring but let’s face it, I can’t go anywhere or get in anywhere without these so they’re kinda important.


Monday to Friday, I spent roughly two hours on the train a day. It might seem like a complete waste of time, a nuisance if you must, but I like it (sometimes). I’m pretty used to commuting with living in London for three years – trains, tubes, they’re all the same. But fortunately for me now, I get on the train at the first stop, meaning I always get a seat. So I end up spending the first hour of the working day, tucked up in the corner of the train with a book. It’s amazing how fast time flies when you’ve submersed yourself into another world.

Recently, I’ve been reading ‘Me Before You’ and oh my God, what a tearjerker! I’ve been meaning to read it for ages – it’s been collecting dust on my bookshelf for what feels like years – but I’ve been putting it off, meaning I’ve put watching the film off too. But now I’ve finally read it and it’s such a good book. I would advise not reading the final 100 pages on the train as a snotty nose and teary eyes isn’t a great look for anywhere, especially in public.


Living in England in August means the weather can be a little unpredictable. I mean, it can be scorching sunshine one minute and then raining cats and dogs the next. So it’s always nice to be prepared just in case. I always like to have a pair of sunglasses in my bag, especially since I’m pretty much a vampire and my eyes are insanely sensitive to light. It’s also nice to have a manicure set in my bag just in case. I don’t know how many times before I decided to put this in my bag did I get asked if I had a nail file or an emery board. Now it’s great to be able to go ‘actually, I do!’ when someone asks. Plus, it’s handy in case you chip your nail or are in need of some serious nail TLC.


And finally, my little cosmetic bag that pretty much has everything and anything I could ever need during the day. Deodorant. Hand cream. Lip balm. 4head. Wet wipes. Plasters (or band aids depending on how American y’all wanna be). Eye drops. A pair of emergency contact lenses. Lipstick. Powder. You have no idea how many times I’ve gone somewhere and needed something out of this lot and realised I’ve left it at home. So now, it stays put in the little rose gold cosmetic bag I got from Primark, and never leaves my bag’s vicinity.


So this is my ‘what’s in my bag’ for work. It’s nothing exciting. The only exciting part is when I have snacks in there – which is a rare occurrence as I have a whole drawer in my desk dedicated to elevenses.. and twelveses.. and three o’clockses. But this is how organised my life gets when it comes to my bag.

Hope this post wasn’t too boring for you!


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