My First Home.

I’ve been pretty much MIA recently and I’m so sorry. But I have a valid excuse..

For the first few weeks of my new job, I managed to keep on top of blog posts at the weekend but then I decided to be an adult and get my first own home so adding that into the mix has made blogging impossible. So now my weekends have been taken up with sofa searching, curtain shopping and wallpaper choosing (not that I’m complaining because I’m a right little Linda Barker when it comes to interior design).

Tomorrow morning I will be heading to the estate agents to sign contracts and collect the keys to my own little house and I’m buzzing.. completely not ready for it but buzzing nevertheless. It does, however, feel weird to be getting a house by myself. Technically I moved out of my family home three years ago when I moved to London for university and ended up getting my own ‘first home’ with my best friends there. But this time it’s different. This time it’s just me. I have complete control over what colour scheme I want the bathrooms or what goes in what cupboard in the kitchen. I’ve turned into Monica Geller.

But I couldn’t be more in love with my house if I tried. It’s so perfect – everything I could have ever dreamt of in a first home. It’s not too big but it’s not too small. It’s right slap bang in the middle of my hometown, meaning it’s only a short stumble home after a night out with friends and, more importantly, a quick walk to the train station for my daily commute. It’s quite a new build so it’s pretty modern but then it also has some old style features about it to keep in line with the town’s history. It’s got two bedrooms – a master and a guest – and two bathrooms. It doesn’t need too much work doing to it either – which is perfect since I’ll only be able to do stuff in the house on the weekend.

Anyway, so this is a bit of a boring post as I just thought I’d let you guys know where I’d disappeared off to but I promise that I’ll get back into the swing of blogging on a regular basis. I guess this is also just a pre-warning before my blog turns into some sort of domestic goddess blog. I can see it now – endless blog posts about getting red wine stains out of upholstery and discussing energy providers. I will try to keep my blog posts varied but since moving into my first own home is gonna be a huge step for me, I guess it’ll feature quite a bit. So sorry in advance.


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