How To: Be An Interior Designer.

Before I begin with this post, I guess I should clarify that this isn’t some sort of inspirational blog post on how to start a career as an interior designer. It’s basically just me explaining how I designed every room of my new house in my free time using Google, a notepad and a pen.

Step One: Basics

Before you get started, it’s best to work out exactly what you want to do and what with. Work out what room(s) you want to regenerate and work out how much you are willing to spend on it.

Step Two: Inspirations

The first main part of designing my house was looking up how other people had decorated their rooms in their houses on the internet. Tumblr and Pinterest were an absolute godsend when it came to this. I picked out photos which had pieces of furniture in it that I already had or knew I could buy easily to make it easier to visualise what my room could look like. I also used lots of different photos to plan one room. The good thing about designing your own rooms is that you can make it exactly how you want it – not exactly like what someone else has already done.

Here are some photos I found on the tinternet for inspiration for my new house..

Screen Shot 2016-09-15 at 12.46.55.png

Stage Three: Lists

Okay, so you’re pretty much sorted with how you want the house to look with all sorts of ideas but these ideas are useless if you don’t know what you need to buy, make or pack. I made four lists when I started to work out how I was going to make these ideas into reality.

  1. Everything I need
  2. What I already have
  3. What I need to buy
  4. What I could possibly make

Stage Four: Research

Moving into a new house, or even redesigning just one room in your house, can be insanely expensive as it is so it’s best to do lots of research before you go out and buy anything to ensure it is exactly what you want and you can’t buy anything similar cheaper. Trust me, it’s boring but can save you an absolute fortune.

List all homeware stores and go through everything in your ‘need to buy’ list on every website before deciding on what to buy. It’s also a good idea to go out to the stores if they have showrooms to see the things in physical form to make a full decision. I used IKEA, Wilkinsons, Argos, The Range, John Lewis, BHS (until it closed down) and George at ASDA to do my research.

Stage Five: Buying

Once you’ve created your full list of things you need to buy (and things you need to buy to be able to make things), it’s time for the fun to begin – buying things. Because I had three months to get everything together before moving into my new place, I decided to buy a few things every week so that it didn’t affect me financially too much. I started off with the essentials and then began buying what I wanted to buy (and what I still had room for). The list was soon whittled down to only a few things and these were things I could buy once I was in the house, i.e. big, bulky furniture that would need to be delivered.

If you’re like me and designing a house you are yet to move into, it’s best to put stuff into boxes the minute you buy them so it’s like a huge unboxing haul once you get to the new house.

Stage Six: Creating

So you’ve got everything, know exactly what you want and have a rough idea of where you want things to go.. now it’s time to start turning them into reality. Instead of looking through your inspiration photos, the best thing to do is just use your imagination and create the room to your own liking. The things you liked the most about the inspiration photos will stick in your mind as you’re decorating a feature wall, placing ornaments and organising furniture but you also get a personal touch on the room. You’ll also find that once you’ve started creating the room that you’ll realise the window reflects too much light on the television by placing it on the fireside wall or putting candles on the bath’s ledge is a health and safety hazard and they look much better on the shelf below the mirror.

Stage Seven: Show It Off

After hours of planning and days of creating, all your hard work is done and it’s time to show off your effort to the world. Take photos of it and share it on Instagram. Invite your friends over for a movie night in your new bedroom. Ask your family round for afternoon tea in your new lounge. Once my house is completely done, I’m planning to invite all the girls of my family around for a wine night as my auntys keep asking me about my house and wanting a tour. And I might just have to put some photos of my work on my blog but we’ll see..


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