My New House: Bedroom Tour.

A week ago I moved into my first home. It’s been such a busy, frantic week with unpacking, buying the odd bits and bobs that I had left to buy for the house and trying to get everything sorted whilst people have been over to have a mooch around my house, but I’ve finally got to a point where I’m pretty content with my bedroom so thought I’d do an updated bedroom tour!

This bedroom is pretty different to my other bedrooms. I guess it’s because I have quite a love for buying homeware and trying to cram every cute thing you see into one room means a minimalistic look is impossible. The room isn’t entirely finished. I plan on getting a new dressing table and moving the Hollywood vanity mirror from my dad’s and I still need a headboard but my room is pretty much done as much as it can be until payday so here it is..

The Bed

I’m slightly weird in the fact that I love climbing into a bed with white bedding as it makes me feel like I’m in a hotel and normally I stop in a hotel when I’m going on holiday so I always associate getting into bed with holidays and travelling. I guess that’s why it’s such a pain trying to get out of it the next morning to go to work.. And this house was no different. White bedding made a return. This time I opted for a ruffled thin cotton set as my previous waffle one was so comfortable but got too thick in the summer. I’ll change back to it in the colder months but as it’s currently 21 degrees, I think this bedding will stay for a couple more weeks..

Then either side of the bed I have my trusty white whicker drawers that I use as bedside tables. On both sides I have a candle stick lamp and then on the left side I keep my Pandora ring box and a (used to be a toothbrush) tumbler with some artificial flowers in it that I’ve had for donkey years to tie in the purple colour scheme and on the right side is my alarm clock that I need to put batteries in..


When I first looked around this house and decided which bedroom would be the master and which would be the guest room, the sole thing that made my mind up was this alcove. I knew it was perfect for shoving a wardrobe in so it’s like a walk-in wardrobe. Then I found this gorgeous double white oak wardrobe when I went furniture shopping and knew it would look so homely in the alcove. And boy was I right.


When the delivery guys brought the wardrobe to mine from the store, they asked if I’d measured it as they carried it up the stairs and I confessed that I hadn’t. Then I began panicking that it wouldn’t fit and the bedroom layout I had planned it my head (unmeasured) wasn’t going to go to plan. But when the delivery guys worked their magic and manoeuvred it into the space, even they were surprised that it didn’t just fit in – it seemed like it was made to live there.


This is probably one of my favourite features of the room – the radiator cover beneath the window. I’ve always loved radiator covers and when I moved into the house last Saturday, I was absolutely buzzing that the previous owners had left it. Because my house is quite an old-styled build, the windows have been double glazed by putting an internal window in, meaning I don’t have any windowsills at all. So this is perfect for bobbing all my little ornaments and photo frames on.


I also keep my face creams in a box on the top of it so it’s an excuse to have a nosy out of the window first thing in the morning and last thing at night.


Until I get a dressing table, I’ve decided to keep my make-up on top of the drawers with my beloved MUJI drawers to keep everything tiptop and organised. I’ve also got my white dressing mirror on there so I can see myself turning from Susan Boyle and Shrek’s lovechild to semi-acceptable. And although the previous owners did bless me with the radiator cover, they also cursed me with an old TV bracket left on the wall so I had to hide it behind a canvas of Paris until I have time to take it down and redecorate the wall but until then, I have to put up with the Eiffel Tower.. What a shame.



So that’s my room..

As I said, it is pretty minimalistic in comparison to my rooms in the past but all my other cute shit has been spread all over the house and it’s only until you move one bedroom of stuff into a whole house do you realise how little you own.



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