Summer Favourites.

Why is it that these posts seem to come around far too quick for my liking? Especially since England doesn’t even have proper seasons anymore, it’s hard to decipher summer from winter, let alone where autumn and spring fit into it all. But it’s been a while since my last seasonal favourites so I thought it was about time that I sat down and listed some of the things I’ve been loving this summer!

Make Up


One thing I love about the different seasons is the different make up looks you can get away with that you can’t any other time of the year. Winter has it’s dark colours and anything to make your pasty skin ‘pop’ and summer has the highlights and the bronzer overload that isn’t too overloaded that you resemble an Oompa Loompa but enough to make you look as if you’ve spent a fortnight in Skegness during a British heatwave.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlight Palettes

I have such a weak spot for palettes and it was no different when these were released. The That Glow kit and the Gleam Glow kit were one of the first things I purchased for the summer and I’ve pretty much worn them every day I’ve worn make up. They aren’t insanely pigmented (which I kinda like because there is a fine line between a ‘glow’ and resembling Rihanna in the ‘Umbrella’ music video).


They are also such a weird texture, almost like a mousey powder, which makes application so easy. If I want a more defined look, I just used my finger to apply it onto my cheek bones but it’s also easy to just whack your fan brush over it to get that light dusting. These were definitely a huge smash (no pun intended for the fact I dropped them the day I bought them and lost half of Hard Candy) for me this summer time. My favourite shade is definitely the Sunburst.


The most recent make up application fad has to be the BeautyBlender. Blending sponges have been a thing since, well, make up began. When I first got into make up when I was a teeny bop, I’d always be buying new make up sponges in those huge bags for something ridiculous like a pound in town. I think I had such a thing against BeautyBlenders when they first came around because of all the horror stories I remember growing up about bugs growing in make up sponges. But then I invested in a BeautyBlender and gave it a try and OH WOW! Apply it wet, apply it dry, apply liquid, apply powder, apply low coverage, apply high coverage. You can literally apply anything in any way. It’s so easy to clean too and it doesn’t even seem like it absorbs any of the make up. It’s also shaped so weirdly that it can get in those hard to reach places. It’s a table turner.


Make Up Revolution Oil Control Fixing Spray

So I mentioned this back in my Superdrug Haul and I can honestly say I have never tried a better setting spray. If you are cursed with skin that can be dry one moment then oily the next, this is the spray for you. I literally drench my face in this after I’ve applied my face make up (but before eye make up because you will resemble the Joker if you do it after mascara application) and let it dry naturally and I don’t suffer with oil at all. I also found it amazing to wear whilst on holiday as sweat (ew) literally wipes off and leaves your make up completely intact. It’s like a waterproof spray for your make up. Absolute game changer.


YSL Rouge Pur Couture 59

Have you ever had one of those purchases online where you thought you were ordering one shade and then when your parcel arrives, you realise you picked the wrong shade number? Well, it’s pretty much inevitable with Yves Saint Laurent lipsticks as hardly any of them have names – just numbers. So when I did a massive shop last summer on Boots (I think), I ended up ordering 59 instead of 14.. Huge difference if you know your YSL lipsticks. Instead of the bright reddy colour, I ended up with this iridescent peachy pink. It was definitely not my colour so in the lipstick drawer it went to gather dust. Then this summer, I was having a sort out and decided to put it on to see what it looked like and I was so surprised. Even though it wasn’t my colour on it’s own, I decided to put it on top of my usual lip colours of nudes and reds to create a sort of ombre finish and it worked so well. I’ve been wearing it on and off all summer and it’s gone from a purchase I regretted to a mistake I was thankful for.


Temple Spa Dual Act Cleanser

I could rave about this cleanser until I was black and blue from people hitting me for raving about it so much. I’ve tried every face cleanser going – drug store to high end – and nothing seemed to keep my oily skin at bay. Some would work for a few hours and then I’d be back to square one with dry patches and an oily T-zone. So when I bought this (and mentioned it in my ‘Temple Spa’ Haul), I wasn’t expecting it to be any different – I kinda just accepted the fact that my skin was a problem that not even Inspector Gadget could solve. And boy was I wrong. As you can tell from the amount I have left (or don’t in this case), I’ve used it twice a day for three months and my skin has never been so great. I’ve ended up skipping a few days recently though and started to break out and start getting oily skin again so it just goes to show how well it is working. Thank God my aunty is having a ‘Temple Spa’ party again so I can stock up on this miracle worker!



And finally, my favourite thing this summer has been Netflix.. I know summer is supposed to be about travelling, friends and memories and that was originally the plan until I got a graduate job two days after finishing university.. and then my summer became commuting, early mornings and early nights. Luckily for me though, Netflix whacked some of my favourite TV shows on for me to binge on.


How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, Jane the Virgin, American Horror Story, Gotham, Bad Education, Skins, Silk.. you name it, I’ve watched it this summer. And I predict that my autumn/winter is gonna look the exact same. I’m not complaining one bit though!

What are some of your favourite products/things that you’ve been enjoying this summer?!


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