My New House: Lounge Tour.

I think the worst thing about moving into your own house for the first time is having to build all the IKEA furniture yourself. Then I think the second worst thing about moving into your own house for the first time is the fact that you’re in complete charge of everything you have in your house, where you put things and how you want the place to look. At first, it seemed amazing. And then if you’re like me, you’re constantly spending time moving things about, seeing if the sofa looks better against the window or if the desk looks better against the wall or the stairs.. Mayhem.

But I’ve finally got to the point where I am happy with how my house looks and so I thought I would follow on from the bedroom to my lounge! So enjoy!

The Bar

Okay. ‘The Bar’ makes it sound like I actually have my own personal Rovers Return in my lounge. I don’t. It’s more like a Kallax shelving unit with a wine rack, lamp and some wine glasses on it. But don’t ruin my ‘bar’ vibe.

When I first moved in, I decided I wanted a storage unit to keep my alcohol on. It’s not because I’m a raging alcohol – it’s more because I think that it looks pretty and means that I had more storage in the kitchen for the boring things like rice and pasta. So this is my ‘bar’..


It’s pretty basic really.┬áThe two boxes on the bottom are currently empty but come payday, they shall be filled with cocktail mixes and accessories. Yeah, I’m looking at you tiny umbrellas. Then I keep my wine glasses on the top shelves – my more modest ones on the left and then my favourites, the half a bottle in one glass, on the right. And on top is my gorgeous Mauve lamp that lights up the whole room to create a really cosy glow on a night-time, my bottle of Grey Goose (obvs) and then my rose gold wine rack full of wine and prosecco. Loving life.

Office Area

One of the many things I loved about this house when I looked around it back in July was the stairs and the space beneath the stairs. I knew the moment I saw it that it would be the perfect place for my desk. And I was right.

Originally I did have the desk right beneath the stairs but it wasn’t a great look for me banging my head on them every time I stood up from my desk so I decided that it was best for my head (and the stairs) that I moved them around. I definitely prefer it this way though as it opens the room up more (and prevents me from having any headaches too). Winner winner, chicken dinner.

Sitting Area

As soon as I knew that the house was mine, the first thing I started to look for was sofas. I already had a sofa in my bedroom at my dad’s that I knew I’d be taking with me but I needed another one – you know, for that very odd occasion when I actually have guests over. And then when I realised that I could choose any sort of sofa, I decided to go down the ‘snuggle chair’ route.

If you don’t know what a snuggle chair is, it’s basically a huge arm chair that you can fit two people on to ‘snuggle’. Or in my case, it’s basically a huge arm chair that you can sit on with your duvet and laptop and still have enough room for cushions.

And that is my sitting area.. It’s pretty boring really.

I’m not very good at this whole house showing off thing. I’ve already been told by my cousin that I’d get a 2 star rating on trip advisor for my tour guide skills – and that was only because I let her share my prosecco. But yeah, this is my lounge!

Watch out for my kitchen as it shall be appearing soon..


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