How To: Duvet Day Like A Pro.

If you’ve ever been to university, you’ll have pretty much mastered the art of duvet days. I had so many in first and second year that you’d have thought I was doing a degree in it. And since it’s my graduation on Monday and I’ve been given the week off work, I decided to spend this glorious Friday doing what I do best – a duvet day. So I thought while I chill, I’d be productive (slightly) and share my duvet day with you all.


The first step of this would be to get into your attire for the day – pyjamas. But since 99.9% of the time, duvet days for me start the second I wake up, I’m already dressed for the occasion. However, on this occasion, I did have to get into my jimjams and today I opted for my favourite shorts, baggy Big Bang Theory shirt and fluffy socks (obviously).



Then is probably the most important thing of the day.. sorting out the movies and shows I’m gonna watch. If I’m having a DVD day, I stack them all up into a pile beside the TV or if I’m having a Netflix day, I add them all to my ‘list’ so I have as minimal buttons to press as possible.


Today’s agenda consists of: Home Alone, Jingle All The Way, American Horror Story: Hotel and Gotham.

And obviously, a duvet day would not be complete without a bit of ‘me’ time and with graduation merely days away, a pamper is essential. Today I decided to focus on my nails, eyebrows and a face mask.


(Apologies for the messy nails – I definitely wasn’t meant to be a nail technician in this life). img_2280

And to save me falling asleep which is usually an inevitable outcome of a duvet day, I keep up to date with my blog!


Food and Drink

Snacks are also an essential part of duvet days. If you think about it, duvet days are pretty healthy for your mind. It’s not good to be on the go all.. the.. time.. so since duvet days are healthy for your mind, you might as well make up for it by being unhealthy. I whack out my popcorn machine and make some sweet and salty popcorn and since it was only my birthday a few days ago, I still have a few boxes of chocolates to work my through.


For drinks, I like to have the odd hot chocolate in between endless cups of tea. The perks of living so central in my hometown is having a Costa on your doorstep so cue Tumblr-worthy pic of the Christmas cups.


Now is the fun part. Sitting down with the movies (or tv shows in my case), wrapping up in the duvet and stuffing your face with your snacks. I sometimes get a little bit bored doing nothing so I spend it writing blogs (obviously) or catching up on the internet on my laptop. If I get bored of this, I ring my best friend for a catch up, ring my grandparents to see how they’re doing, do a bit of online shopping, read a book, plan what I’m doing for Christmas presents this year.. the possibilities are endless.

What do you guys do on your duvet days?


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