Graduation Ceremony.

Today’s date is Monday 7th November 2016. At 3pm today, I officially graduated. At 3pm today, I can officially put ‘LLB’ at the end of my name – I won’t because that’s a tad pretentious, but it’s great knowing I have the option if I want to. At 3pm today, I will be an official graduate and be let out into the wild, or as most people call it ‘adult life’.

When this post is published (thanks to scheduled posts), I’ll probably be walking across the stage to collect my scroll, resembling Bambi on ice as I really can’t walk elegantly in these heels. But as I’m writing this, I’m sat in my hotel room in Central London, chilling in my pyjamas and trying to motivate myself into doing my make-up.

Not gonna lie, I am absolutely bricking it. What happens if I stack it on the steps up to the stage in front of 3,000 people and approximately 2,999 video cameras? What happens if I end up having a bit too much bubbly in the reception before hand and end up falling off the stage? What happens if I get a little bit too emotional (like I normally do) and end up having to go up on stage, balling my eyes out? So much could go wrong..

But I’m excited too. I’ve worked my ass off for this degree. Three years at university. Twenty-four exams. Forty hours spent in an exam hall. Fifty-six thousand pounds of student debt. And it’s been worth every penny and every second.

I guess I’d better get back to getting myself acceptable!

See you when I’m an official graduate.. eek.


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