My New House: Kitchen Tour.

So I’ve done the bedroom and I’ve done the lounge so it’s only fair I do the kitchen, right?

When I first looked around the house back in July, the first room I saw was the kitchen and I fell in love straight away. It wasn’t small but it wasn’t big – there was enough space and and enough storage for what I needed. I loved the colour scheme and everything was well looked after so I knew I didn’t have much work to do to make it homely.

I opted for the colour scheme of rose gold (what a surprise). It looks so elegant in a kitchen and I wasn’t going to go OTT – just enough rose gold accessories to make it my own.

So here’s the overall look of the kitchen area..


It’s so me. Even though I’ve lived in the house almost two months now, I still look around in awe whenever I’m making a cup of tea or cooking dinner. Everything is how I want it.

On the other side of the room there is the dining area. I keep it pretty simple with just the dining table with a houseplant on the top as a centre piece and then some food storage on the shelf to the far left. I love the feel of the room as it’s so open and even though the natural light during the day isn’t that great, I love the vibe the spotlights give off on a nighttime.


I’ve also got some random pictures on the wall but my favourite one is this pretty box standard post and keys frame. I’m a complete clutz for losing my keys. You can guarantee that I will be searching the house, turning it upside down at least once a week trying to find my keys so I decided the only way I could try to sort that problem out is by having somewhere where my keys can always be. And this was the prettiest solution Wilkinsons had to offer! img_2115

I guess this hasn’t been that great of a post but I just wanna document what my kitchen looks like as I treat this blog as a kinda time capsule/diary sorta thing so that in years to come, I can look back on what life was like a carefree girl in her young 20s. But my kitchen is pretty, right?!


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