Blogmas: Winter Nights Survival Kit.

Today is Winter Solstice, meaning it is officially the longest day of the year – although I’m pretty sure that was the day Trump was elected President.. Anyway, it’s the longest day of the year with approximately 17 hours of darkness. And if you’re one of them lucky souls like me that spend a good nine hours of their day locked away in an office, you probably won’t see any sunlight at all. Yay! So with all this darkness and long gloomy winter nights, I thought it was a perfect time to share my survival kit with you on how to get through all the darkness and add some brightness into your winter days!

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Blogmas: Christmas Shopping.

Nothing quite says Christmas like an elbow right in the hip in Primark over the last pair of Christmas themed fluffy socks or the bittersweet agony when a pushchair is rolled over your foot for the final roll of glittery gift wrap in Clinton’s that holds a baby that can only be described as King Kong and Shrek’s secret love child. It seriously is the most wonderful time of the year.

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Blogmas: Alcoholic Orange Hot Choc.

When I think of Christmas, the first thing I think of is cosy nights in the warmth when it’s dark outside, watching Christmas movies with a hot chocolate. And a few years ago, I decided to be a bit daring by mixing one of my favourite shots into a hot chocolate and I haven’t looked back since. A Baileys and Cointreau hot chocolate that literally tastes like a melted Terry’s Chocolate Orange with that alcoholic twist. H e a v e n.

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Blogmas: Festive Home Haul.

As well as treating my friends and family this Christmas, I decided it was only right I treated my house (and myself) too. This Christmas is my first Christmas where I’ll be spending a lot of time in my own place. I had flats and houses in London but I used to spend two weeks back at my parents’ house so I never actually got to spend time over the festive period in my own space. And since I’ve got friends and family visiting too, I thought I’d make my house all cute and pretty for them too.

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Blogmas: Office Christmas Party.

If there is one thing I have learnt about this year, it is Office Christmas Parties are wild. I’m not just on about standing around with your colleagues, discussing their plans for the festive days off, munching on mince pies while Wizzard is blasting on the stereo. I’m on about witnessing the Directors of the Company looking horrified as the drunken girls on customer services give them a lap dance. I’m talking about the IT Department taking to the dance floor with their ties wrapped around their heads, looking like Rambo raving to some Clubland tune. W i l d. Continue reading

Blogmas: Christmas TV Specials Binge.


Is it just me or are the TV Specials in recent years a little crap? I mean, the Christmas specials of TV shows I used to watch a couple of years ago were amazing. I’d literally plan my Christmas around watching them and if I was already busy, I’d watch them as soon as I got in and avoided social media at all costs so I didn’t see any spoilers. But you don’t get that anymore. So each year, I still binge on all the ‘classic’ episodes of TV shows that are long gone just to get into that Christmas TV mood!

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