Christmas is without a doubt my favourite time of the year. Forget summer. Forget spring. It’s all about Christmas. And although I’ve been festive since Halloween ended, it is now acceptable for you to be super festive so I thought what better way to spread Christmas cheer than participating in Blogmas!


If you’ve never heard of ‘blogmas’ before, where the hell have you been living?

Blogmas is basically a ‘challenge’ per se that bloggers participate in whereby they post a blog (or vlog if it is vlogmas) daily as a sort of advent calendar to count down to Christmas with. Since I’ve been doing this blogging game for almost a year, I thought what better way to celebrate my first proper blogging Christmas than by doing blogmas.

I’ve been planning this since October, making sure I had lots of festive and holiday themed things planned just so I could write about them. It’s the perfect excuse for getting all wrapped up and heading out to the Christmas markets, doing Christmas themed tags and, of course, getting all snug as a bug and watching hundreds of hours of Christmas movies!

So let’s begin..



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