Blogmas: Christmas Tree.

One of my favourite things about Christmas is the Christmas tree. It just resembles everything Christmas is to me – cosy, fairy lights and very, very, very pretty. This post is kind of cheating since I put my Christmas tree up on the 14th November but I thought what better thing to write about than about my gorgeous Christmas tree?

So since this Christmas is my first Christmas in my own house, I was absolutely buzzing to deck the halls with boughs of holly exactly how I wanted it to look. I got to choose the colour of the tinsel and the bauble designs and, lets face it, I have never been so happy.

My favourite baubles were these from Wilkinsons. Their Christmas collections this year, especially the Enchantment Range, are so gorgeous. My house is pretty much pastel central so as soon as I saw these pastel iridescent baubles, I knew I had to get them to make sure my tree matched the rest of the decor.


I also did find this cute little fellow in the Christmas section of Primark. My mum is pretty obsessed with owls and since Christmas will be spent at my house, I thought I’d treat her to a little friend for the Christmas tree! Plus, I love it.


The tree itself is from Next a few years ago. It’s really weird as it’s black but when you have the lights on it and it’s fully decorated, it looks green. I used to swear by real Christmas trees. We used to have a family tradition where we would go on the first Sunday of December to a local farm to choose our Christmas tree and then bringing it home to decorate as we watched ‘Elf’ and ‘Home Alone’. There really is nothing better than the smell of fresh Christmas trees. But I love this Christmas tree as it looks real but as well, when January comes, we can shove it in the loft and just bring it out again the following Christmas. And it means we’re not constantly hoovering up needles.


Then theres the tinsel. Obviously it had to be pastel colour. Shock, horror. But like I mentioned earlier, Wilkinsons have such a good range of decorations this year so when I raided their Christmas decorations early in November, I saw the tinsel from their Enchantment collection and thought it would be perfect to create that girly Christmas tree I got going on.


I plonked the Christmas tree on the side table and put it in front of the window in my lounge. Putting it elevated meant that I had more room to store presents for my friends and family (that I still am yet to buy) and it means its the first thing I see in the morning when I walk down the stairs. It’s quite funny. The first thing I thought about when I moved into the house back in September was ‘where the hell am I going to put the Christmas tree?!’. Yes, my life pretty much revolves around Christmas.

So here is the finishing look to my first Christmas tree!


Can’t I keep it up all year round?


One thought on “Blogmas: Christmas Tree.

  1. Inspired Teen says:

    I really loved this post! I’m so excited about putting up my Christmas tree – it’s what finally makes Christmas feel like Christmas, all the magic starts to happen once the tree goes up. It must have been amazing to decorate your house/tree how you wanted in your own home, it’s so exciting! I still live with others so it’s a joint opinion on xmas decorations but my room is obviously my room, I have this really lovely pastel pink electric self-lighted feather Christmas tree that I put in my room and I love decorating that 🙂


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