Blogmas: Top Ten ‘Christmas Movies’

Whenever I think of Christmas, I think of cosy winter nights watching Christmas classics on the box and getting all giddy for the festive season that is upon us. So I thought I’d list my top ten Christmas movies that I watch every single Christmas and have done since I was a teeny bop.

10. Four Christmases

To start off my top ten is this Christmas comedy staring the guy I use to explain how to say my name, Vince Vaughn, and the woman that never seems to age, Reese Witherspoon.


It’s such a fun, lighthearted film and with it being set around Christmas, I always have to make sure it’s in my pile of Christmas DVDs to watch in December.

9. The Grinch

Number 9 may seem pretty low in my top ten Christmas movies for this Jim Carrey classic but it’s so hard to place all my favourite movies in an order so it’s basically top ten equal movies – not top ten in order.

‘The Grinch’ is one of those films that I watch every single year and just makes me so happy. I mean, who can’t love a movie about a young girl who changes a monster to love Christmas? You go, Cindy Lou Who. (And I am not one bit jealous of her rad hair..)


8. Mickey’s Christmas Carol

I must have been about three or four when I watched this interpretation of the Dickens’ classic and all I can remember from the first time I watched it was crying for hours over Tiny Tim. Charles Dickens is one of my favourite authors of all time so to mash him up with Disney (which you’ll all know is also one of my favourite things in the whole world) is a dream come true.


7. The Holiday

Jude Law. Cameron Diaz. Kate Winslet. Jack Black. Snowy England. Sunny LA. Christmas. Falling in love. It’s just one of those movies that makes you so insanely happy. You can guarantee it will be on ITV2 over Christmas and you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be sat there with a tub of Ben and Jerry’s watching it.


6. Miracle on 34th Street

You’ll probably be sick of seeing the word ‘classic’ once you’ve finished reading this post but yet again, ‘Miracle on 34th Street’ is a Christmas classic. It’s full of everything you could ever want in a Christmas movie – laughter, love and snow! Plus, it makes your Christmas spirit shoot through the roof as seeing Richard Attenborough as Santa just makes you really believe in Father Christmas!


5. Santa Clause

One Christmas tradition my family had when I was a kid was we’d all get bathed and ready for bed on Christmas Eve, getting into our new Christmas pyjamas that my grandparents usually bought us and then we’d all go downstairs to get the carrot, milk and mince pie ready on the fireplace, ready for Santa and Rudolf’s visit. After the tray of treats was prepared, we’d sit down in the lounge with hot milk or milky coffees (another childhood favourite of mine – probably where my love of lattes routed from) and watch ‘Santa Clause’. Every time I watch it now, I go back to thinking I’m a seven year old – and I still try to watch it every Christmas Eve so that I’m ready to go to sleep after it finishes so Santa stops off at my house!


4. Love Actually

Even just writing about watching ‘Love Actually’ is making my giddy. It’s just full of so much love – and not just romantic love, family love too. I think that’s what Christmas is all about – spending time with the ones you love.


I guess it is one of those films that is like Marmite – you either love it or you hate it. For me, personally, I love it (obviously). I love those films that have so many different storylines that are interlinked in some way and this film has so varied storylines. It has the lighthearted comedy value with Colin and his ‘big nob’ but then you have the serious real factor with Emma Thompson’s character and her cheating husband, played by the late Alan Rickman or Laura Linney’s character’s devotion to her sick brother. In some way, everyone can relate to a story in the movie.

3. Jingle All The Way

‘Jingle All The Way’ was one of the first Christmas movies I ever watched. Who’d have ever thought that ‘The Terminator’ would have been running around town, trying to get his son a sold out Christmas present? It’s festive genius.


2. Elf

I can recite this movie word for word. Every single Christmas you can guarantee that I will watch this movie at least once a week. It’s got to that point where I cannot watch it with anyone else as they get too annoyed at me for saying the words before they are said on the screen. Is that sad? 


1. ‘Home Alone’ Collection

Is it cheating to have thirteen films in my top ten Christmas movies? I decided to whack all four ‘Home Alone’ films together in first place (although one and two are my favourites – the other two are good as films but rubbish as part of the ‘Home Alone’ franchise). ‘Home Alone’ and ‘Home Alone 2: Lost In New York’ are easily the best Christmas movies ever made. I think it is one of the only movie franchises that has managed to make the second movie better than the first. It’s got your stereotypical baddies, comedy with people hurting themselves (I swear Harry and Marv should have died about 500 times in the first movie alone) and then the feel-good family reunion at the end of each film. Plus, again, it involves snow so it’s an instant winner.


So that’s my top ten movies for Christmas time. What are you favourite Christmassy films? Share them in the comments section below, especially if I’ve forgotten to mention them!


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