Blogmas: Christmas Gifts.

You are either one of two people when it comes to Christmas: those who look forward to receiving presents and those who look forward to giving presents. I’m definitely the latter of the two. I think in a way though, I do it with me in mind – so it is sort of selfish. I absolute love getting all wrapped up in a jumper, coat, boots and my scarf and heading out to do late night shopping to start buying presents for my loved ones. It makes it even more magical when all the shopping centres are decked from top to bottom with glitzy sparkles and twinkling lights with Mariah Carey blasting through the stores on repeat.

This year is the first year where I have had a proper job and can actually afford to buy really nice gifts for my family and friends. I can’t wait. I’ve already started to think of what I’m getting for my family and I’ve got a pretty good idea of gifts for my friends.

I’m pretty organised this year in comparison to other years. I’ve even wrote down the names of everyone I am buying gifts for and started to jot down ideas of what I’m going to get them in my little notebook. I’ve even gone to the effort of booking a day off work just to go Christmas shopping. I know, organised or what! 


I’m also that sort of person who keeps my gift wrap in a certain colour scheme – surprise surprise, it’s pastel this year.. shocker. And I’ve even stocked up on wrapping paper, gift tags, sellotape and gift bags to wrap them all up in once I’ve got them.


I think this anal-retentive approach is down to having so many nightmare Christmases where I’ve left everything until last minute. Take Christmas 2016 for an example. I was working constantly in the December so by the time I came home for Christmas, I had bought two Christmas presents in total. I ended up leaving it until Christmas Eve (bad idea) to go into my hometown’s town centre to get the rest of my gifts and cut a long story short, I ended up smashing my phone on the shop floor. Christmas presents turned into IOUs and I had to spend the next six months with a cracked phone.

So this year is different. I plan to have all my presents bought and wrapped by the 20th and if not, I’ve failed as a lover of Christmas.

Do you guys have any tips for Christmas gifts?


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