Blogmas: Letter to Santa.

One of my favourite memories of when I was younger was when we’d come home from school in early December after nativity rehearsals. My mum would get us all to sit around the dining room table with pens and paper and she’d get us to write our Christmas lists. All year we’d be raiding the Argos catalogue for things to add to our wish lists and then when it got to it, we’d be sat there for hours on end not knowing what to ask for. Then when it was finally finished, we’d pop them by the fireplace and the next morning, run down the stairs to see that the letters were no longer there and had been replaced by sparkling confetti that was shaped into Christmas trees and stars from the ‘elves’.

So I thought I’d take back tradition and write a letter to Santa this year..

Dear Santa,

This year has seemed to have flown by. Well, saying that, the last eleven years have pretty much flown by since my last letter to you. Sorry about that by the way. I guess when we moved house and I accidentally opened up the box containing every single letter to you, the ‘elf’ confetti and a box of my baby teeth that I’d left for the tooth fairy, I kind of didn’t see the point in writing letters to you anymore but hey, keeping that Christmas spirit alive so here I am! The things I’ll be asking for aged twenty-two should hopefully differ from the things I asked for when I was aged five (unless I still want that Baby Annabelle pushchair and doll set..)

2016 has been a pretty good year but I want 2017 to be an even bigger and better year. I’ve tried to be good this year but sometimes it’s so god damn hard to be good.

For this Christmas, I want all my friends and family to be happy, healthy and safe. I want them all to know how much I love them and how lost I’d be if I wasn’t blessed to have them in my life.

My only wish for 2017 is that I get accepted into Bar School and move back to London to be reunited with the London lot. This last six months back at home has been great – getting my first house was pretty rad, but I miss the London lot insane amounts and to be reunited with them would be a wish come true. Travelling would also be a bonus if possible but I don’t want to be asking for too much. I’d love to see LA and Vegas, New York again would be cool. But if neither of these are possible then this Christmas, all I really want is happiness, success and health.

Thank-you for everything in the past. Don’t work too hard on Christmas Eve. I’ll put a mince pie out for you and a carrot for Rudolph like I did when I was younger. Safe travels!

Lots of love,

Siobhan xxx


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