Blogmas: The ‘Christmas’ Tag.

Ten questions about Christmas? Bring it on..

1. What is your favourite Christmas Movie?

I pretty much rambled about Christmas Movies in my blog post but it’s gotta be Home Alone. Without a doubt.

2. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?

Christmas morning. What sort of animal opens their presents on Christmas Eve?! Santa doesn’t even come until Christmas Eve so that’s completely illogical. Last year we tried to be one of those civilised families who woke up, got showered and dressed and had a family breakfast with champagne and then opened presents and it was awful because all through breakfast the presents were shouting our names. The only right way to do Christmas is waking up in the morning, running downstairs at stupid o’clock and ripping into your presents while devouring your weight in chocolate.

3. Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?

I have so many. I love the build up to Christmas the most, especially as a really little child. You knew Christmas was around the corner when your teacher began the school play prep. I always got the really shitty parts – I remember one year they even had to create a character for me and the teacher tried to convince me that I was a vital role in the production.. soz Miss but the Inn Keepers’ Wife is not even a role in the Nativity let alone vital. But it was so fun to just be a part of something and then when the performances happened, standing on stage in front of all your family and friends’ families and shining like the star you were born to be. I have some of the plays I was in on videos (wow, can you remember them?) and I watched them a couple of months ago and they are seriously hilarious.

But then again, I think my ultimate Christmas memory of actual Christmas Day is when I was much younger. It has to be one of my earliest memories. I must have been about four or five and we used to live down south so every Christmas around that age we used to travel back up north and stop at my grandparents’ house to send Christmas Day with the entire family. It was just the best feeling ever to be surrounded by all my cousins, aunties and uncles on Christmas Day and spend the entire day with my granny and granddad.

4. Favourite festive food?

It’s gotta be the Christmas dinner itself. Turkey, stuffing, pigs in blankets, cranberries, sprouts, potatoes, carrots. Christmas pudding too. And Christmas cake. I’m getting really hungry now. Hurry up Christmas!

5. Favourite Christmas gift?

My favourite all-time Christmas gift as a child has to be my dance mat that I got for the Playstation when I was about seven. I was constantly (and still do) on the dance machines at the arcades whenever we went to the seaside. So when I got my own little one for Christmas, I was on it non-stop. I think my brothers hated me and kept planning vendettas to hide the dance mat from me because we shared the Playstation and they couldn’t go on their games because I was constantly on mine.

6. Favourite Christmas scent?

Mulled wine. We always have it as our first drink when we go around my aunty and uncles’ house every Christmas Day and the smell of it just reminds me of walking through the door. It’s such a strong festive scent. And it’s a great drink too!

7. Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?

Every Christmas Eve for the last five or six years since moving back up north have been the exact same (not that that is a bad thing). My mum would wake me up stupidly early (some years it is 6am) and we’ll get ready and head into town to do some final Christmas shopping. Doing the last mad dash around Morrisons on Christmas Eve is definitely an experience but I sort of like it. It’s Christmas all over. Then we’ll head back home and finish wrapping presents up. We’d organise them out into bags for various trips we’ll have to make to relatives’ houses to play Santa. Then we’ll get sorted and around midday, we’ll head to my aunty’s house armed with bottles of wine, Prosecco and Bailey’s. Spend the entire afternoon there and then when my uncle gets home from a day at the pub with the ‘men’ of the family, mum and I would walk home, all snug like bugs in rugs in our coats and scarves. Walking back, we’ll be wishing all the merry people we pass, also on their way homes to their families, a happy Christmas. Then when we get in, we’ll pop Santa Clause on (or sometimes when we can’t find the DVD just leave the TV Christmas specials on) and head to bed once they’ve finished to grab our beauty sleep before the big day!

8. What tops your tree?

We have this angel tree topper that we’ve had since I can remember. It’s dated and slightly broken now after spending eleven months of the year in a box in the loft but we refuse to get a new one because we refer to it as ‘granny’ and have done since she died in 2000. It’s our way of keeping her involved in our Christmases now she is no longer here to celebrate them with us.

9. As a kid, what was the one (crazy, wild, extravagant) gift you always asked for but never received?

I always used to secretly ask for a baby sister but I am so grateful I didn’t end up with my wish. I can’t imagine what life would be like if I had a younger version of me stealing my clothes, make-up and shoes. It’d be hell.

10. What the best part about Christmas for you?

The best part about Christmas for me is getting to spend time with relatives I hardly see throughout the year. Our family is pretty spread out – majority of us live up north but some live down south – so we never get to see each other all together apart from at Christmas. It’s good to catch up with everyone and see what they’ve been up to in the last twelve months. Most of my cousins are the same age as me too so we all are old enough to go to the pubs and clubs together on Boxing Day. It’s nice to know we still spend each Christmas together willingly sixteen years after my granny died and nine years after my granddad died. I think they’d be proud of us.


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