Blogmas: Christmas Favourites.

I’m quite boring when it comes to Christmas – I love sticking to the same things each year whether that be daily activities, TV programmes, movies, music or beauty products. I guess because it’s only really for one month a year, I get away with loving the same things because I have eleven months of the year where I don’t touch my Christmas favourites.

OPI Turn On The Haute Light

A few months ago, that chrome/mirrored nail varnish effect came into fashion and the craze just blew up. But there I was, laughing to myself because I’ve been using OPI’s gorgeous silver nail varnish every Christmas since it’s release back in 2014.


OPI is, without a doubt, my favourite nail varnish brand because the colour of the bottle is the colour the varnish dries on your nails – and this colour is no exception. Your nails literally turn such a stunning chrome colour. It’s like whacking tinfoil on the end of your fingers – just more practical. It’s a gorgeous Christmas shade.

Lush’s Father Christmas Bath Bomb

Every Christmas Eve, I treat myself to a bath (well, I do all year round but on Christmas Eve, I go the whole shebang and have candles, bath bombs, Christmas songs and make it so cute and Christmassy). The one bath bomb I always seem to use is the Father Christmas one from Lush. Not only because it would look weird having it in my basket after Boxing Day, but because it just makes me so much more in the Christmas spirit for the following day.


Fairy Lights

This is a little lie. I don’t just use fairy lights at Christmas – I pretty much have them up in my house all year round, but at Christmas I seem to go full overload with the twinkling lights. I wrap them around my tree and must spend at least fifteen minutes going around every room in my house turning them off before I go to bed every night. I just think they make every room cosy and festive. When it’s cold and miserable outside, I can always guarantee that the sight of  my fairy lights dazzling away on a night when I get home can put a smile on my face.


Christmas Onesie

Onesies are another year round thing for me but my festive patterned one is strictly saved for the month of December (or late November if I’m feeling Christmassy). I got this from Primark about six years ago and I wear it every Christmas. It’s so comfortable to wear and you can bet that whenever I’m in it, I’ll end up falling asleep on the sofa while watching ‘Home Alone’ or ‘Elf’. I love this onesie so much!


Terry’s Chocolate Orange

I mean, is it even Christmas if you don’t have a Terry’s Chocolate Orange? I don’t think so. For me, this chocolate orange ball of goodness makes Christmas. As a kid, my brothers and I would always get one in our stockings every Christmas morning and you could guarantee we’d be arguing over which one we wanted as my mum only learnt by the time I was eighteen that it was much safer (literally) to get us all the same one.


Popping Candy is my favourite by far but everywhere seems to sell out of them first (not really surprising since they are so yummy). And regardless of variety, I refuse to have a Chocolate Orange until Christmas time. A Chocolate Orange in August just is not right.



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