Blogmas: Christmas Wrapping.

The idea of wrapping up all my gifts just makes me so happy. I’m quite OCD when it comes to wrapping through – there needs to be a set colour theme, tags must match the paper and I need a good variety of wrapping.

This year I decided to stick to the iridescent colours with the gift wrap as I thought it would look so cute beneath my tree.

Wilkinsons had such an amazing selection of wrapping paper – more so this year than previous years even though I do usually love their wrapping range every year. I opted for three rolls (although I ended up going back later on to buy some more rolls as three was definitely not enough).


The first roll I picked was an iridescent white with different shades of gold stars dotted all over it. The second was a very pale metallic blue with white speckled stripes on it. The final roll was a silvery blue paper with shiny white snowflakes patterned upon it. I loved them all separately but I loved them all together.

Then is the thing better than the paper itself – tags and bows!


Without a doubt, I am definitely one of them people who wraps their gifts so tightly then makes it even more challenging to get into them by decorating them with ribbons. It is literally like a festive version of Crystal Maze trying to get into my presents. But they look pretty so that’s all that matters, right?

This year was quite entertaining when I began wrapping all the presents I had bought for my friends and family. I started off on a Friday night at around 7pm with the classic Cliff Richard and Slade tunes blasting through my speakers and by midnight, I was exhausted, sick of the sight of sellotape and curling ribbon and was pretty much making a mental note of who to cross off the present list for next year because I was so done.

Seven hours later, I finally had all my presents wrapped and looking pretty..


I definitely think I’m gonna follow up with Smithy’s tin foil method of wrapping. I mean, it’s just scrunch and done. Much better than this wrap, ribbon, tag malarky.



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