Blogmas: Festive Lush Haul.

It just wouldn’t be December without a good old Lush haul. Their Christmas ranges from year to year never fail to amaze me – bath bombs for those winter nights and lip balms for those dry days. So what better than a post dedicated to their festive products for Blogmas?!

I’m going to start with the stereotypical Lush Christmas product.. Are you ready for this?

Snow Fairy Shower Gel

Of course it had to be Snow Fairy? What else could it have been? This is by far Lush’s most popular product in December and it isn’t hard to see why. A shower using this leaves you smelling all sweet like Candy Floss. It’s hard not to eat it when you use it. Plus it’s pink – you can never go wrong with pink.


Father Christmas Bath Bomb

Obviously it wouldn’t be Christmas without the daddy of Christmas to make an appearance. I’ve heard it smells like Snow Fairy too in the bath so I’m gonna have to save this one for my Christmas Eve bath before clambering into my Crimbo jimjams.


Peeping Santa Bubble Bar

I absolutely love bubble bars. Breaking them up beneath the running water and watching all the bubbles form makes you warm without even getting in the bath. I sometimes treat myself and have a bubble bar and a bath bomb together if I’m really pushing the boat out so I might have to save this one for Christmas Eve too!


Star Dust Bath Bomb

At first glance, this one looked a little boring and underwhelming in comparison to Lush’s other bath bombs but the lovely sales advisor pretty much sold it to me on the fact that as it fizzes, lots of little stars escape from it, making your bath super Christmassy like a starry night. I’m excited to use this to see what the final result is.


The Christmas Penguin Bubble Bars

I already know I probably won’t use this bubble bar ever because of how fricking cute it is. I can see it now. It’ll probably be still in my bath bomb basket come Christmas 2084. I love penguins as it is so when I spotted this gem in my local Lush store, I knew I had to have it. I was even more so excited with it being a bubble bar as I knew it’d create cute blue and white bubbles. I might just have to use this quickly and then buy another one to replace it with before the Christmas range stops.. maybe.


What products are you guys loving from Lush this Christmas?


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