Blogmas: Christmas TV Specials Binge.


Is it just me or are the TV Specials in recent years a little crap? I mean, the Christmas specials of TV shows I used to watch a couple of years ago were amazing. I’d literally plan my Christmas around watching them and if I was already busy, I’d watch them as soon as I got in and avoided social media at all costs so I didn’t see any spoilers. But you don’t get that anymore. So each year, I still binge on all the ‘classic’ episodes of TV shows that are long gone just to get into that Christmas TV mood!

Gavin and Stacey

I must have mentioned this in Blogmas already about three times but that’s taming it down. I absolute love the Christmas episode of 2008’s Gavin and Stacey or ‘the birth of Carpool Karaoke’ as I like to call it. It’s such a simple show – no major characters, no traumatic storylines, it’s not even over the top funny. It’s just genius. I can watch this time and time again and still laugh at it and not get bored at all.


The Big Bang Theory

There has been quite a few Christmas themed episodes of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ but ‘The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis’ is without a doubt my favourite one. It also makes my top three episodes of the show too because it’s so good. image


Friends was pretty much my childhood – and is pretty much my adulthood too. Like Big Bang, Friends has lots and lots of Christmas episodes but two stick out in my mind above the rest. The One with the Holiday Armadillo and The One with the Routine. I don’t even need to really go into why I love these so much because they are just great episodes and I bet every single one of you reading this will have seen them – and if not, go watch them now!


Again, Miranda has had three Christmas specials (I think) but my favourite ones are the two final episodes of the entire show, you know the one where *spoiler alert* Gary and Miranda finally get hitched. I know Miranda isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but I think it’s brilliant. Like Gavin and Stacey, it is so simple yet so loveable. Plus I kinda see myself in Miranda purely for how awkward she is. And the final scenes of the final episode make me cry like a b!tch.



You have to give it to the BBC – they sure do know how to do a good sitcom. Another sitcom that I loved growing up in my teen years was Outnumbered. My parents and I used to watch it every Friday night and it was scary how much we could relate to it. The best thing about the show was how they literally based it on every nuclear family in England. The Christmas specials are always played in my house around the festive season and I love them so much! image

What TV specials do you guys watch around the holidays?


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