Blogmas: Festive Home Haul.

As well as treating my friends and family this Christmas, I decided it was only right I treated my house (and myself) too. This Christmas is my first Christmas where I’ll be spending a lot of time in my own place. I had flats and houses in London but I used to spend two weeks back at my parents’ house so I never actually got to spend time over the festive period in my own space. And since I’ve got friends and family visiting too, I thought I’d make my house all cute and pretty for them too.

Rose Gold Fairy Lights

If you know me, you’ll probably know that I love two things for my house – rose gold and fairy lights. So when I spotted these rose gold heart lights in Primark the other week whilst doing a bit of Christmas shopping, I fell in love. I love Primark fairy lights anyway as they are such pretty coloured lights and so practical with the fact they are battery operated. I’ve put these over my radiator cover in my bedroom as I think it just makes it extra cosy on these cold wintery nights and the rose gold brings the downstairs finish upstairs.


Mulled Spice Toilet Paper

Okay, this is quite a weird one but I fricking love the Christmassy feel it gives my bathroom. Mulled spice toilet paper. It even has a scent of mulled spice. It’s crazy. They have such cute little festive designs on the sheets and I think they’re fab! I’ve had so many comments about them too from visitors. You can pick up a pack of four from Tesco for about £1.50 I think. I love them!


‘Let It Snow’ Stockings

The only thing I’m not too keen on in my house is the fireplace. It is one of those modern glass ones that is more a crappy room feature than anything else. I was brought up in quite traditional houses with character that had proper big fireplaces – and most of the time, proper fires too – so I absolutely love really good fireplaces. But that hasn’t stopped me buying my own stockings this year. I decided to get these cute little white and silver stockings that have ‘Let It Snow’ embellished on the side of them. These are hanging on my staircase right now and look so lovely!


Heart Dip and Side Bowls

Christmas to me means lots of family gatherings with nibbles so I decided that this year I was gonna get some purpose crockery just for gatherings. Wilkinsons have these gorgeous heart shaped ceramic bowls and a matching dip set that I just had to get. The side bowls are so cute and surprisingly deep. Then the side bowls are just the right size – not too big that you’ll waste lots of dip but not too small that you’ll have to keep refilling it throughout the night. I can’t wait to have family and friends over to whack these beauties out.


Febreze Air Effects in Frosted Pine

If you’ve ever been a student, you will have a special place in your heart for Febreze. It is genius. Not got enough time to pop a wash on? Not got enough loose change for the laundrette? No worries. Febreze has your back. I don’t use it a lot now as I’m pretty good at managing my laundry and have no need to use a laundrette anymore but I still love the scents of Febreze – especially their Christmas collection. I love this one as it is so fresh and not your traditional Christmassy smell but still feels pretty festive. I spritz this absolutely everywhere and it just refreshes my whole house.


Fairy Lights

What a surprise. More fairy lights. But can you really have enough?


These were just box standard fairy lights in a clear white that I just decided to get to put around my feature wall in my bedroom to give it a more Christmassy feel. But saying that, I’ll probably keep them up all year round because YOLO.

Light Box

These are definitely a ‘Tumblr prop’. I’ve literally seen them absolutely everywhere. I bought one a few months ago for the hell of it and only just in the last few weeks taken it out of its box and started using it. I thought Christmas was the perfect excuse to start using it because it adds a little light into a room, making it a really cosy atmosphere. Plus, I couldn’t think of any messages to put on it before the holidays came around.


I just keep this on my bedside table and use it as a nightlight as it’s so much easier to just flick this on rather than both bedside lamps. I definitely think I need some inspiration for messages to put on it after the Christmas period is over so any suggestions would be great!


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