Blogmas: Christmas Shopping.

Nothing quite says Christmas like an elbow right in the hip in Primark over the last pair of Christmas themed fluffy socks or the bittersweet agony when a pushchair is rolled over your foot for the final roll of glittery gift wrap in Clinton’s that holds a baby that can only be described as King Kong and Shrek’s secret love child. It seriously is the most wonderful time of the year.

11 months of the year, shops are tolerable. You can easily pop into your local mall and walk away with no grey hairs and there’s a very minimal chance of actually ending up in A&E but as soon as the Coca Cola advert hits our TV screens, it is like all hell breaks loose. Shoppers in December go wild!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of witnessing York, my beloved home city, on the final Monday before Christmas, which subsequently was the first weekday where all the local schools had broken up. Boy, oh, boy, wasn’t I a lucky fellow? I can definitely see now why I used to choose 9am on a Tuesday morning to hit up Westfields Stratford in London to tackle my Christmas shopping.

But apart from the squawking teeny bops and the elderly people who seemed to be out in full force, armed with walking sticks and ‘Fenwicks’ bags full of bricks, it was quite delightful. York is such a pretty city. It’s oozing with history, from the castle to the Minster, and all the narrow streets are decorating with so many gorgeous Christmas lights. York is also pretty famous for it’s Nestlé chocolate factory which, when it burns out its vats, fills the entire city of this heavenly melted chocolate smell. So the twinkle of the lights and the chocolatey aroma was definitely enough to forget about the stresses of Christmas shopping.


And to make matters even better, I have officially completed my Christmas gift buying (and wrapping) for 2016!!



2 thoughts on “Blogmas: Christmas Shopping.

  1. Inspired Teen says:

    Congratulations on getting your Christmas shopping done!! I finished mine yesterday and I’m so pleased!! Now I can sit back, relax and wait for Christmas! I tend to leave my Christmas wrapping until late though, because then I get really excited!! 🙂


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