Blogmas: Winter Nights Survival Kit.

Today is Winter Solstice, meaning it is officially the longest day of the year – although I’m pretty sure that was the day Trump was elected President.. Anyway, it’s the longest day of the year with approximately 17 hours of darkness. And if you’re one of them lucky souls like me that spend a good nine hours of their day locked away in an office, you probably won’t see any sunlight at all. Yay! So with all this darkness and long gloomy winter nights, I thought it was a perfect time to share my survival kit with you on how to get through all the darkness and add some brightness into your winter days!


In the winter months, you will always find candles flickering around my house. I’m pretty sure my house is a fire hazard with the amount of flames I have dotted around but it makes me so happy so yolo.


Candles are literally so easy and so cheap and so simple but the ambience (big word) they give off is perfect for the dreary winter months. Add some fairy lights into the mix and you’ve got the formula for world domination – or a cosy night in.


I don’t do this as much as I used to do last winter when I was a student with inclusive bills in my rent (#BrokeAssIndependentGirlTryingToSaveMoneyOnTheLeccyBill) but I still have a bath about twice a week (showers in between obviously) just to unwind and get all cosy. Again, I add in some candles to the bathroom, pop in a scoop of my favourite bath salts, whack an album on and just stew in there for hours. It wouldn’t be out of character for me to leave the bathroom resembling a raisin.


Since finishing university, I have really got back into reading. I usually read about a book a week and it’s just such a good way of relaxing, especially when you get a really good book that lets you escape to a fictional world. At the moment, I am reading a lot of classical literature so I feel as if it’s making me intellectual and sophisticated. This week’s read is obviously one of my all time favourites – The Christmas Carol. I read it originally when I was about twelve so thought I would pick it back up again and get myself into the Christmas spirit (no pun intended).


It’s also great to just curl up on my cuddle chair in the lounge with a blanket or even just sit up in bed, reading about Scrooge and his ghostly visitors.

Yorkshire Tea

My oldest and dearest friend is Yorkshire Tea. It is the only tea brand I will drink. I don’t know what it is but you can never get a bad cup of Yorkshire Tea (unless it’s made by one of those vile creatures who makes it like a latte). It was also one of my home comforts when I was at university. My housemates always used to comment on my Yorkshire tea.. Hey, you can take a girl out of Yorkshire but you can never take a girl away from her Yorkshire Tea.



This one goes without saying. The only thing that truly gets me through these dreaded long, dark days is my bed. The first thing I think about in the morning when I wake up is how long it will be before I am reunited with my one true love. If you ever need me between the hours of 7pm and 7am, you can guarantee you will find me wrapped up in bed doing my best burrito impression with the duvet.


I was going to say if only there was a job that involved me being paid to be in bed, then realised there pretty much was and I don’t think that is a career path I shall be taking any time soon.


I don’t know if it is just me but I get incredibly bored during the winter months, especially when my Christmas contends of the same thing it has for the past twenty-two years so it doesn’t require any planning at all. I have a pretty active mind – I constantly have to be doing something. In the winter months, I occupy my brain by doing little projects and this winter’s project is planning holidays for 2017. Granted they probably won’t actually happen because I know better than anyone else that life always gets in the way of plans but it’s so fun to just sit and plan! Does that make me a nerd?


What are some of your survival techniques for the cold months?


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