New Year Resolutions.

New year, new you? 

Let’s face it, we’ve all said that notorious phrase at least once in our lives. Come New Years’ Day it’s like we want to complete renovate ourselves into this super slim, super smart, super organised person who has every aspect of their life together. But does that ever happen? No. Not that that’s a bad thing though.

I’m guilty of this. I’ve had 21 New Years in my entire lifetime and since I was about eleven, I’ve always had New Years Resolutions. And I’ve pretty much broken every single one. But I guess I do have to give myself a bit of credit as I have managed to succeed in a select few of them. Pretty major ones too like getting into university.

I’ve learnt that instead of aiming high (because you’ll burn under the pressure and setting yourself up for a failure before you’ve already begun), aim for something reachable. If you wanna lose weight or drop dress sizes, aim for an achievable and manageable weight or dress size. If you wanna get good grades, aim for just a couple of grades above the one you’re already at – don’t go full whack and aim for an A+ if you’re currently at a D. If you wanna stop eating chocolate, don’t go T-total – maybe just say you won’t eat chocolate on weekdays. There is nothing stopping you from smashing your resolution and then maybe going to lose more weight, getting that A+ or abstaining from chocolate completely. Tiny steps.

And say, for example, you wanna eat healthier but come 7th January, you’re staring at that half opened box of Celebrations in the kitchen that was leftover from Boxing Day.. then the inevitable happens and you find yourself gorging on mini Mars bars.


Jump right back on the wagon the next day. Don’t just give up and live the rest of the 357 days of 2017 in complete regret. A New Years Resolution is to be completed by the 31st December – not by 31st January. Keep on going at it.

..And if all else fails, make a New Years Resolution to give up New Years Resolutions!

What are your New Year Resolutions? Share them below as I’d love to see what you wanna change in 2017!




5 thoughts on “New Year Resolutions.

    • sprinklesandsparklesx says:

      I used to be insanely shy and found that getting a job in a customer facing environment helped a hell of a lot. Even volunteering in a local charity shop will help with little steps because it puts you in a situation where you have no option but to talk to people! Hope this helps! 🙂

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