YouTube Made Me Buy.

The title of this blog has pretty much made an appearance on every blogging platform in the last few months so I thought why not jump on the band wagon and review the products that I’ve bought that I’ve seen on YouTube?

Clinique Moisture Surge

Jumping straight into it is my holy grail moisturiser.. the bread to my butter.. the salt to my pepper. I first bought this in New York last year after seeing every YouTuber raving about it. I’ve tried other moisturisers since but this one goes above and beyond. I love the fact that it’s a daily moisturiser but it can also double up as a face mask. It’s such a weird consistency for a moisturiser as they are usually creamy and thick but this is like a light gel. Other moisturisers can leave my skin feeling soft, but also greasy and heavy but Moisture Surge leaves it smooth and silky too.

Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment

Again, another product which has featured in my favourite posts – the little pot of avocado goodness for my eyes! This eye cream is revolutionary in the world of eye creams. As soon as I apply it, the results are instant. The bags disappear, the tiredness vanishes and my peepholes seem to look a lot more relaxed and refreshed. It’s brilliant. It’s not greasy in the slightest, lightweight (which is perfect for the skin around your eyes) and so absorbing.

LA Girl Liquid Lipstick

I don’t really like this product range at all. I’d seen so many YouTubers go on about how good it is and I just wasn’t feeling it at all. I got two colours – one bright pink colour and one deep red colour. The colour range was so good and the vibrancy of the colours was insane. One thing I did like about the products were that the colour of the product was the same in the pot as it was on my lips and it applied really well. However, it was dry and flaky and not nice to wear in the slightest – my lips felt like they were constantly chapping with it on. I think I’ve only worn them once since buying them and that was during a shift when I worked at Costa last year and ended up taking an early break just to take it off because it was nasty. I wouldn’t recommend them at all.

Urban Decay Naked Palettes

Urban Decay palettes are my absolute, holy grail eye shadows. Each palette they have released gets better and better. I first got Urban Decay Naked 3 a few summers ago and within a month, I’d bought Naked and Naked 2. Each palette has similar colours but then they also have very unique shades. I prefer the Naked Smoky because a smoky eye is my niché – but I still dip and dive into the other three to spice things up a bit. The brushes they come with are amazing too!

Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder

If you’re active in the YouTube/Blogging worlds, you’ll probably hear this product on a daily basis. Laura Mercier’s Loose Setting Powder is indescribable with how good it is. It’s such a light setting powder which keeps your make up looking good all day long and leaves you with a silky smooth finish. No matter how much make up you apply, if you apply this on top of it, I can guarantee it will not budge at all throughout the day – no matter what you do. You don’t even need lots to set your make up but if you do go a little OTT with baking, it doesn’t leave your face looking – mind the ‘baking’ pun – cakey.


Anastasia Beverly Hills seems to be the brand that has taken the make up industry by storm in the last few years. In my eyes, they pretty much revolutionised eyebrows and contouring. Their Dip Brow Pomade is a lifesaver (now that I have finally learnt how to use it properly..) and their contour kits are out of this world. It’d also be rude to not mention their highlighter kits too because, again, the quality is beyond amazing. It’s another high end brand but it’s one of those brands that you don’t mind spending a little more on because of the end results are so worth the price tag. I would recommend any ABH product to anyone and everyone.

Have you done this tag yet? If so, link it below so I can see some of the products that YouTube has made you buy. And if you haven’t done it yet, give it ago and link it below!


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