How To: Save.

Following on from my previous post on New Years Resolutions, one of mine was to save. I’ve never been a great saver. Growing up, I used to get £2.50 pocket money every week..


I know. Complete baller. But I couldn’t for the life of me save.

Then when I started to get part-time jobs when I was about 12, I sucked at saving too. All throughout university, my friends were able to save up for holidays or a new car and there I was, crying because all my  wages and student loan were tied up in make up from the counters at Selfridges. Then I got my first salary job and decided times had to change and I needed to save.

Saving is quite an adult thing and since I’m classed as an adult now, I thought it was time to step up to the plate and begin the road to being financially stable for my future offspring’s sakes. Only joking. I need a holiday. So I began with my very successful saving trick.

The new five pound notes were released in September of 2016 and I really liked them. The ATM machine by my offices was fully stocked up with virgin ones so I decided to be sad and save them. Then I got a couple when I was shopping as change and added them to my stash. Five months and 38 notes later and I definitely have a problem. But at least I’ve saved £190!


But then in November, I decided to up my note saving game and withdrawal a chunk of my wages on pay day and keep them in a safe place. It’s probably a very stupid thing to do but I prefer having the physical money rather than the bank balance because when it’s in my bank, I don’t actually think I’m spending it when I raid Beauty Bay or New Look so it’s the lesser of two evils. I won’t say the exact amount of how much I’ve saved since November as (disclaimer) this post isn’t bragging – but it’s pretty mind blowing considering I hadn’t saved a penny five months ago.

I’ve found that the best way to save is to start off small and work your way up. Maybe just save all your £2 coins (my grandma used to do this and saved loads by doing it!). Piggy banks definitely come in handy with this.


I’ve also found that setting up a new bank account for savings and then setting up a weekly direct debit to the untouched bank account helps too. I transfer £15 a week and it soon adds up.

And just think of how fab you’ll feel when you eventually get to use those savings for something you’ve wanted for ages!



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