Hello! I’m Siobhan. I’m twenty-one years old and from England.

Originally, I’m from a little Northern city called York but currently living in the gloriously grim city of London.

I’m in my final year of studying for a law degree and I’m working towards being a lawyer, but I spend most of my time battling a Netflix addiction and the lack of motivation to do anything apart from fangirl, shop and travel. Oh, and I have a daily ritual of sobbing to 90s boybands. I guess I should also confess for my love of all things Disney.

I use this blog as a place to write anything that comes into my mind. Sometimes I get deep and personal, writing about sensitive matters. Sometimes I keep it lighthearted and entertaining, writing about fun things that happen in my life. I plan to use this blog as a journal sort of website to post about my travels, adventures and exploring adulthood.

So make sure you follow me to keep up to date with the goings on in my weird, yet wonderful, life!